Introducing Zia

Meet Zia the Zoho People AI Bot.
Zia can help you carry out several actions from within any screen in Zoho People. Simply click the Zia icon on the bottom right corner to summon it up!

Note 1:  To enable Zia, go to Settings > Company Details > Enable Bot (click Modify Settings to make changes).

Note 2:  Zia can only be enabled for organizations which use Zoho People with default language as English. CN Server is not currently supported.


What can Zia do for you?


Can Zia help me with my questions?

Note 3:  When you ask Zia for a specific question, the search works based on the keyword (windcheater in above example), if a similar word exists in any of the existing FAQ, Zia will fetch the relevant FAQ and display it. If Zia cannot locate a related FAQ, then it will prompt for creating a new case.


Can i summon Zia from my Zoho People mobile app?

Yes! Zoho People mobile app for android, version 7.10 and above supports Zia. Support for iOS is on the way.