Roles define the hierarchical pattern of your organization. You can create roles and assign different permissions in terms of accessing data. performing various actions across the system and more.

Adding a New Role

Follow the steps given below to create a new role.

  • From your Home page, go to Settings(gear icon) > User Access Control > Roles
  • Click on '+ Add New Role'

  • Enter a suitable name for the role that you would like to create
  • If you would like to clone an already existing role, then select the particular role from the 'Clone role' drop down.
  • Click on 'Location Admin' if you would like to make this Role to be the admin for particular locations. Tag the particular locations
  • Click 'Create'

Your new Role has been now created.

Cloning a created Role

Clone role lets you create a role that is similar to that of an existing role. This means that the same set of permissions or access will be applicable to the cloned role as well.

To clone a Team member role:

  • Click Add New Role
  • Enter the Role name

  • Under Clone Role drop-down, select Team Member and click Save

Configuring Permissions for a Role

To configure permissions:

  • Under Setup (gear icon) >User Access Control > Roles, you will see all the roles
  • Go to the role for which you need to configure permissions and click 'Configure Permissions'
  • Select the form for which you would like to set permissions
  • Go to the View/Edit/Add/Delete section based on the type of permission you would like to give

  • Select the type of data (No data/My data/Subordinates' data/Subordinates' data + My data/All Data) for which you would like to set permissions

Note: To set Add or Edit permissions for a record, you should have first configured View permissions for the same. Also, if you would like to give Edit/Add permission for subordinates' data + My data, you cannot do it unless you have given View permission for Subordinates' data + My data. In other words, permissions to view records should be set before setting permissions to edit or add the same record. 

Administrator Limitations

The no of administrator you can have for your organization entirely depends on the plan that you have chosen. Click here for more details on plans and pricing.

Allocating an Admin for specific locations(Location Admin)

You can create new admin roles for each location and map a user to that new role. The mapped user will become the administrator only for the locations that are tagged with the created role.

  • From your homepage, click on Settings(gear icon) > User Access Control > Roles
  • Click on 'Add New Role'
  • Type in the new role name that needs to be created. For eg., if you would like a user to be made the admin for US location, then you can name the new role as 'Administrator - US Region'
  • Check the 'Location Admin' box
  • Under 'Clone Role', you will see the role 'Admin' auto-populated
  • Choose the particular location(s) under 'Locations to tag' dropdown
  • Click on 'Create'

Once this is done, a new role will be created as 'Administrator - US Region'. Any user whose role is changed to the new role created will have the administrator rights for the region tagged.

Note: This is not applicable to subordinates' data. I.e - if the administrator is in the US but has subordinates in some other region, he/she can still see data of subordinates depending on the permissions set.

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