Attendance Module Administrator

In an organization, there could be a requirement for managing attendance and shifts of a selected number of employees amidst a large workforce. Although the administrator and reporting managers can view, edit attendance entries, assign shifts, they could already have a handful of tasks and not have the time to manage these operations specifically. To improve convenience and for focused management, a specifically assigned Module Admin can be used.

An Attendance Module Admin has special permission to view and edit attendance entries and assign and monitor shift for a selection of users tagged into "User Groups". In addition, Modules admins can also view user reports of employees within their user groups.

Adding a Module Administrator for Attendance & Shift 

‚ÄčNavigate to Attendance > Module Administrator (under settings) >  Add Module Admin

  1. Specify a name: Enter an apt name so as to identify each Attendance Module Admin.
  2. Assign a Module Admin: Search and select an employee to be assigned as attendance Module Admin. Any employee can be assigned as Module Admin irrespective of the organization's hierarchical status.
  3. Select User Groups. In order to use the Module Admin feature, a User Group must be created. To create a User Group, click on the + icon, or go to View / Edit (or Manage User Groups)
  4. Configuring permissions. Enable the required access permissions, Module Admins can be authorized to view, edit attendance entries, map employee shifts, and also view reports.

Note 1:  Existing admin role users cannot be assigned as Module Admin.

Note 2:  To edit Module Admin config, or to change tagged user groups, simply click on on a pre-configured Module Admin or hover pointer over a Module Admin and click the edit icon (pencil), you can also remove assigned module admins by clicking on the bin icon.

User Groups

A User Group is a collection of users grouped together under one name for easier collective management by their respective Module Admins. User Groups are comprised of a manually selected list of users or multiple users belonging to a particular location, department, designation, role, etc. Even custom lookup fields can be used.

To view and manage existing User Groups, from the Add Module Admin screen click on View / Edit (or Manage User Groups) option. To create a new User Group click on the icon, the same can be done from within the User Groups screens shown below. 

The User Groups screen will show a list of all previously created User Groups and allow creating additional user groups.
When hovering over an existing shift group, an option to delete (bin icon) and an option to open the configuration screen (pencil edit icon) will be displayed.

By using criteria, configure who is to be part of the user group. In the below example, we are including IT employees belonging to the San Jose location to the user group. We have excluded Rinzee Wilma so she will not have access to her own attendance records. 

Once all configuration is done, click Submit.