E Signature

E Signature

An electronic signature is intended to provide a secure and accurate identification method for the signatory to provide a seamless transaction.  E signature is imperative when it concerns employment contracts or other important agreements.  E signatures are:

  • Accurate
  • Secured
  • Time-saving
  • Easy to track and manage

  Using Zoho People, you can:

  • Have agreements sent to the desired recipient(s) for e signature
  • Have employee related documents (like Probation confirmation, Salary revision letter etc) sent to a single or a set of employees for e signature.


E-Signature Templates

All e-sign templates created under Organization files will be listed here. This repository of e-sign templates makes it easy to use the template for e-sign.

Follow these steps to use an existing template for e-sign:

  1. Go to Files > E-Signature > Templates.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon beside the template you want to send for e-sign.

  1. To send for signature directly, select Send for Signature. If All Employees is selected, then the file will be sent to all the employees for e-sign. Otherwise choose Select Employees and add employees.
  2. Click Edit Signature Template if you want to make changes to the signature fields before sending it for e-sign.

E-Sign Integrations

Zoho People has integrated with Zoho Sign, Adobe Sign and  DocuSign- three among leading digital signature software. The below sections explain elaborately on how to send documents for e-signing and tracking progress of documents from a central portal.

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