Project Preferences

There are a host of preferences that you can configure for the Projects module in Zoho Books.

Project Preferences

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Round Off Time

Let’s say you log time for projects that you’ve created in Zoho Books. When these projects are going to be invoiced, or should appear in your reports, you can choose to round off the time logged for the project(s).

Round up
Time is rounded off to the next (highest) minute(s) you assign to the round up.

Round down
Time is rounded off to the previous (lower) minute(s) you assign to the round down.

Round to nearest
Time is rounded off to the nearest minute(s)/hour(s).

If you don’t want to round off time, choose Don’t Round-off.

Time Logging

Choose the maximum hours per day that time can be logged for projects. By default, it is 24:00 hours.

Timesheet Approvals

Enable clients to approve all your timesheet entries.

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