Zoho Books - Zoho Cliq Integration

Zoho Cliq is a chat application that helps you stay connected with teams at your workplace. It lets you connect and collaborate so that you can keep your team in the loop about your business activities. By integrating Zoho Books with Zoho Cliq you get notified of all your customers’ client portal activities in your preferred chat channel. 

Let’s take a scenario where an organization uses Zoho Books for accounting and Zoho Cliq for internal communication. The sales team’s activities in the organization would involve contacting customers regarding sales, sending estimates, receiving payments, etc. 

The sales team might not have access to your Zoho Books account but by enabling the Zoho Books - Zoho Cliq integration, they would be able to receive notifications in the Sales team’s Zoho Cliq channel when your customer,



Connecting to Zoho Cliq 

Setting-up your Zoho Books - Zoho Cliq integration is easy! Please follow the instructions below:




When you setup the integration, your organization’s name, email address, and username will be shared with Zoho Cliq.    

Notifications from Zoho Books

Once you have integrated with Zoho Cliq, you will start receiving notifications in your Cliq Channel based on your customers’ activity in the Client Portal. Click the notification in your channel to view them in Zoho Books. You will receive notifications for the following actions:  

When your customer has viewed an Estimate.

Know when your customer has viewed your Estimate and follow-up with your customer when there has been no response. Improve your business services and close deals faster.


When your customer has accepted or rejected an Estimate.

Keep your sales team updated on the status of your Estimates. Send out Invoices to customers in case the Estimate has been accepted or interact with your customers when an Estimate has been rejected.


When your customer has viewed an Invoice.

Know when your customer has viewed an Invoice and send out Payment Reminders. Get paid faster and manage cash flow effectively.


When your customer has commented on your Invoice

See what your customer has to say regarding your Invoice sent. Disscuss with your customer through comments and win them.


When your customer has made a payment towards your Invoice

Know when you have cash flowing into the business and decide how efficiently you can use your funds.



Disabling the integration

To stop receiving notifications from Zoho Books, you can disable the entire integration by clicking the Deactivate button. On deactivating, you will no longer receive notifications in your Zoho Cliq Channel.

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