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A focus on what matters.

Zoho is committed to spending your money wisely. We invest more in product development and customer support than in sales and marketing. It always struck us as paradoxical to charge the customer extra for the privilege of marketing back to them. By keeping our cost of attracting customers low, we keep our prices affordable and pass the savings onto our users.

We’re gentle in our sales approach, so we don't push our people to push you. You won’t find us trying to endlessly upsell you, or buying your loyalty through multi-year contracts. And with growth that regularly outstrips our competitors, we know that this model works.

A focus on what matters.

A private company with a public vision.

We’ve stayed private and we’ve never taken other people’s money. Neither will change. This keeps us independent and beholden to only the customer, permitting a long term view to naturally unfold. We are private, but far from small. With nearly 5,000 employees across the globe, our style of unconventional thinking seems to have paid off.

Our investment in people is a vital part of our R&D edge. We have a comprehensive program to hire high school students and train them - a program we call Zoho University. Over 15% of our engineers come from this program. Not only is the program good for our company, it is also good for the communities we live in.

A focus on what matters. This picturesque locale is situated near our Tenkasi branch in the heartland of South India.

Free from prying eyes.

The decision to value customer privacy isn't one you make after watching which way the wind blows. It must stem from prior belief, perhaps even dogma. This is exactly why we made the decision more than two decades ago that we weren't going to sell ads inside our products, not even within the free editions. We're not interested in tracking your clicks to feed the marketing monster. We will make our money the traditional way—bringing you valuable software that you are happy to pay us for.

So why did we make this choice to put privacy first? Simple. We valued our privacy; we figured you would, too. And that's why we've prided ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to government regulations about privacy; we don't need to be told what good business should look like.

Free from prying eyes.

A product to meet every need.

Over the years, we've crafted dozens of products with equal fervor. Now they are even available under one single integrated suite, Zoho One, that can put a business completely on the cloud. Unlike our competitors, who periodically wake up to discover gaping product holes that they must now fill urgently with acquisitions to reassure their shareholders, we craft our portfolio with patience and anticipation.

Our strategy is born from the realization that the vast majority of acquisitions fail, and it’s the customer that pays the price. Many of our products were developed to meet our own needs—for Zoho itself runs entirely on Zoho. This means our software often must fail us, before it can fail you.

A product to meet every need.

Zoho wasn't built in a day.

Explore our journey through time.


  • Checkout

    We kicked the year off by rounding out our finance suite with Zoho Checkout. Zoho Checkout makes collecting one-time and recurring online payments via personalized payment pages extremely efficient and simple.


  • Zoho Notebook

    In April, we launched Notebook, our mobile note taking app. Our idea was simple: make note taking an enjoyable experience.

  • Zoho AppCreator

    That same month we launched Zoho AppCreator, which helps add mobility by building apps. Mobile-first designs for collection, consumption, and collaboration became a reality for many businesses in 2016.

  • Zoho SalesInbox

    Zoho SalesInbox was released later that spring as an email client exclusively for salespeople. SalesInbox organizes and prioritizes emails according to the sales pipeline, and gives CRM context to each one.

  • Zoho Marketplace

    We launched Zoho Marketplace in July to feature a host of carefully handpicked extensions for Zoho applications, designed to enhance the product's efficiency and its connectivity with external applications.

  • Developer

    With a comprehensive suite of products tailored for every business need, the next step was to give software developers an opportunity to build and sell extensions for Zoho products—through Zoho. Enter Zoho Developer in August 2016.


  • We've always believed that social media should be an integral part of marketing, not something businesses should do in isolation. With that belief, we launched Zoho Social in February to help growing businesses build their social media presence with real-time monitoring and actionable insights.

  • Zoho Expense

    We wanted to make the expense reporting process effortless. To that end, we launched Zoho Expense in early spring as a new and strong addition to our Finance suite.

  • Zoho ShowTime

    In the summer we launched ShowTime, a web-conferencing solution that brings your virtual training to life by connecting speakers with audiences.

  • Zoho Forms

    Simplifying data collection and improving team collaboration are services that we want to deliver to businesses of all sizes. So a few months later, we offered Zoho Forms, an online tool to build, share, and submit forms - on the web and on mobile.

  • Zoho Inventory

    With the increase in businesses that sell online, we added Zoho Inventory to the Finance suite to make multichannel selling, inventory management, and order fulfillment effortless for growing businesses.

  • Zoho Motivator

    We ended the year with Zoho Motivator, an application that improves team engagement through exciting sales contests.


  • Zoho Subscriptions

    With over 13 million users, Zoho became one of the largest subscription businesses. We leveraged that experience while crafting Zoho Subscriptions: a recurring billing app for businesses.

  • Zoho SalesIQ

    Zoho SalesIQ was released later that year as a real-time sales intelligence platform to track your website visitors, engage with them, and close deals faster.


  • Zoho Connect

    Because of a major boom and shift in the enterprise collaboration sector, we started 2013 with our social networking app: Zoho Connect.

  • Zoho Survey

    The survey-building app, Zoho Survey, was launched later to cater to the growing survey market.

  • Zoho Vault

    The necessity to keep passwords safe led to the launch of a new password-managing app: Zoho Vault.

  • Zoho ContactManager

    Not all small businesses benefit from a CRM to manage their contacts. We created Zoho ContactManager towards the end of 2013, bearing this in mind.


  • Zoho Campaigns

    Developing an email marketing product seemed to be a logical step for us. We launched Zoho Campaigns in January.

  • Zoho Sites

    With more and more businesses reaching their customers online, we launched Zoho Sites: a tool designed to simplify website creation, including mobile websites.


  • Zoho Books

    We ventured into the world of cloud accounting and released Zoho Books: online accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow.

  • Zoho Bug Tracker

    Due to popular demand, the issue-tracking feature of Zoho Projects was launched as a standalone app: Zoho Bug Tracker.


  • Zoho Support

    Businesses that closed deals using Zoho CRM needed an app to retain their customers. Zoho Desk was born in November 2010 (originally named Zoho Support). It has since grown to be a versatile customer service application for thousands of businesses worldwide.


  • Zoho Assist

    Zoho Assist was launched in September. It was built in an effort to offer a simple and straightforward remote support solution.

  • Zoho Reports

    Zoho Reports, an application that has powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, was launched one month later to help businesses make better sense of their data.

  • Zoho Recruit

    In November, Zoho Recruit joined the Zoho bandwagon as a single platform to manage resumes, candidates, clients, and client contacts. It benefits recruiters, staffing agencies, and Corporate HRs by reducing recruitment processing time.


  • Zoho Invoice

    Zoho Invoice was created to simplify online invoicing and billing for freelancers and small business owners.

  • Zoho People

    Zoho People, a single platform to organize, automate, and simplify HR processes, was launched earlier in the year.

  • Zoho Mail

    In October, we broadened our horizons into email services. Zoho Mail is known for its clutter-free and ad-free environment.


  • Zoho Meeting

    We launched Zoho Meeting, an online meeting and collaboration tool, later that year.

  • Zoho Docs

    In 2007, we entered the world of document management. Zoho Docs was built to help businesses go paperless and build a digital workplace for effective collaboration.


  • Zoho Sheet

    Zoho Sheet was launched in February, with a desire to offer more value to the enterprise market.

  • Zoho Creator

    Zoho Creator, our most powerful application, was launched in March 2006. Today we have close to one million apps built using this custom-application builder.

  • Zoho Show

    Zoho Show, an online presentation tool, was released in June.

  • Zoho Projects

    Towards the end of the year, we launched Zoho Projects, which has evolved into a comprehensive project management system. Today it is used by individuals working on their own, managers in charge of thousands, and everyone else in between.


  • Writer

    In October, Zoho added itself to the bandwagon of cloud applications by launching its first cloud business app - Writer.

  • Zoho CRM

    November saw the release of Zoho CRM, one of our best-selling apps. Zoho CRM helps salespeople reach more prospects, engage them in real-time, and close deals faster.



  • AdventNet Inc. was born. It all began with Network Management.

















The development headquarters in Chennai, India where our game-changing apps are built.