About Us

For more than 25 years, we've been bucking Silicon Valley trends, taking our own approach to building products.

Good software is a work of art, and good art takes time. Our teams spend years mastering their craft in order to deliver exceptional products that customers love. Software isn't just our paycheck: It's our passion.craft.

Cutting Edge

Cutting-edge technology meets timeless values

We believe that software is the ultimate product of the hands and the mind. And we take pride in creating products and solutions that help solve business problems, anticipate needs, and discover opportunities to help you grow.

Over the past 25 years, we've brought more than 55 products to the market. But, the R&D edge that drives this innovation isn't simple luck, it's the result of careful choice.

We prefer to build things ourselves instead of growing our platform through acquisition. We invest more in customer support and product development than in sales and marketing. All that because we believe that's the best way to deliver choice and value to our customers.

This kind of thinking isn't innovative. But in today's business climate, it is increasingly rare.

  • A common sense approach to privacy
  • A private company with a public vision
  • A company you'll keep
  • A new way to run your business
  • A commitment to our communities
A common sense approach to privacy

When you put customers before profits, you end up with more of both.

From the beginning, we decided we would never show ads inside our products (not even in the free editions), nor would we sell user information to third parties. And by prohibiting third-party trackers from operating on any of our websites, we've taken extra steps to make sure that your business is yours alone.

Common sense approach

We aren't interested in invading your privacy just to make a quick buck. Every person should have control over their data, regardless of where they live. We didn't need laws and government regulations to tell us that; its just the right thing to do.

A private company with a public vision

Since we have never taken money from investors, we have always been able to focus on what is best for the customer. Rather than worrying about short-term profits, we've had the freedom to think for the long term.

This kind of independence changes how we approach problem-solving, empowering us to truly think differently.

From how we build to how we hire, our unconventional approach has brought us to more than 15,000 employees and 100 million users around the world.

A private company with a public vision
A private company with a public vision
A company you will keep
A company you will keep
A company you will keep

Software should solve more problems than it causes, so we don't lock you into multi-year contracts with fixed price increases. We don't push our salespeople to push you.

Our products are available à la carte or as suites, and we offer flexible payment options to fit every budget. Our prices are as transparent as our privacy policy, and we take pride in both.

A new way to run your business

When you choose Zoho, you get more than a single product, suite, or platform. You get what we call the operating system for business, the result of more than a decade of engineering and design effort.

With more than 55 deeply integrated apps available on the web and mobile, we offer a solution to fit almost every business need. And if we haven't built it yet, you can bet we probably will soon.

A new way to run your business
A new way to run your business
A commitment to our communities

As a global company, we understand the value of good citizenship. It's why we always try to give more than we get and why we are always looking for ways to support the communities in which we live.

A commitment to our communities

From providing subscription relief to businesses impacted by natural disasters to building solar farms that offset our carbon footprint, we take on initiatives that change the lives of our customers and employees for the better.

Zoho wasn't built in a day Explore our journey through the years.

Zoho Publish

Introducing Zoho Publish, an all-in-one platform for chain and franchise businesses to boost reputation and improve online presence on top business directories.

Zoho Tables

Launching Zoho Tables—an easy-to-use work management tool that seamlessly connects people, processes, and information.

Zoho Practice

Revealing a complete practice management software for accounting firms—Zoho Practice. It centralizes client management, simplifies tasks, and facilitates real-time collaboration.

Zoho Marketingautomation

Announcing the latest version of Zoho MarketingHub—Marketing Automation 2.0! It is a multichannel marketing automation software with features designed to ease the marketing process and generate sales-ready leads.

Zoho Catalyst

Catalyst evolves from a serverless platform to the simplest, pro-code, cloud development platform—Catalyst 2.0! It now offers a wide range of serverless, AI/ML, DevOps, and backend services.

Zoho Mail 15th anniversary

15 years ago, Zoho Mail delivered its first email! Over the years, it has evolved to become more than just an inbox, helping in the all-rounded communication and email management of any organization.

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq 5.0, an exclusive, enterprise-centered collaboration platform for businesses with AI enhancements is live! Explore our dedicated app for conference rooms, live events, and other updates.

Zoho Qengine

Introducing Zoho QEngine, a robust test automation software that helps create, manage, and execute test cases to ease the software testing lifecycle and improve its efficiency.

Zoho Billing

Say hello to Zoho Billing, a comprehensive billing solution that automates complex billing processes and manages customer journeys to help businesses scale.

Marking the milestone of reaching 100 million+ users! Your trust in us made this possible, and we couldn't be more grateful. We believe this is the beginning of a new forever. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Zoho Connect turns 10!

Ten years ago, Connect was born out of the need to communicate freely within our organization. Now, as an employee experience platform, we’re happy to be helping organizations create happier workplaces!

Zoho Survey turns 10!

Started in 2013 for better feedback, Zoho Survey now shapes customer, employee, and market research. Ten years in, thanks to our backers, we’ve revolutionized surveys.

Zoho FSM

Introducing end-to-end field service management with Zoho FSM. Streamline operations, mobilize the workforce, and simplify billing to deliver excellent service experiences.

Zoho People turns 15!

Since our humble beginnings in 2008, we’ve been committed to helping thousands of HR teams build meaningful human connections and simplify their HR operations. Explore our journey!

Zoho Contracts turns 2!

With an aim to streamline contract management for businesses, we launched Zoho Contracts two years ago. It has been an incredible journey delivering contracting excellence.

Bigin turns 3!

Celebrating three years of empowering small businesses and startups, simplifying customer operations and creating ever-lasting customer relationships.

Zoho Marketing Plus turns 1!

Manage all your marketing activities on a unified platform. With GPT integration, Marketing Plus has become even powerful.

New office in Nairobi, Kenya!

Zoho Nairobi Office
Million+ Users

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached a remarkable milestone of 90 million users. Thanks for your support and trust in us—they have been the cornerstone of our success!

Zoho Directory

Say hello to Zoho Directory —the workforce identity and access management solution for the cloud. Get a 360-degree view of your workforce identity with app and device authentication, provisioning, security policies, and more!


We believe no one should have to sacrifice privacy for convenience. That's why we have built Ulaa, a privacy-first browser prioritizing user privacy and enterprise security.

Zoho Invoice turns 15!

In 2008, we embarked on a journey to redefine how businesses send invoices and receive payments. Now, we're celebrating 15 years of making invoicing the essential task on a business's to-do list.

Zoho WorkDrive

Say hello to Zoho WorkDrive 4.0! Enhance your productivity and experience advanced data administration.

One Million Poster

Celebrating 1 million installations of Marketplace extensions. With a thriving ecosystem of 500+ partners who've worked alongside us, we enabled 800,000+ users to do more with Zoho.


Introducing Trident for Zoho Workplace, the unified work experience platform. Trident is the first native desktop application for Zoho Workplace, available on Mac and Windows OS, that caters to all of your communication, productivity, and business needs.

Zoho Thrive

Say hello to Zoho Thrive, a unified software solution to build, run, and manage affiliate and loyalty programs for your business.

Zoho Webinar

Announcing Zoho Webinar, an interactive webinar tool for all your webinars. Host and live-stream large scale online webinars on YouTube seamlessly using Zoho Webinar.

Deloitte has recognized Zoho as one of India’s best-managed companies in 2022!

New office in Cornwall, Ontario!

Netherland Office
Zoho RouteIQ

Introducing RouteIQ for Zoho CRM, a comprehensive mapping solution that enhances Zoho CRM with location intelligence and route planning.

Zoho MarketingPlus

Introducing Zoho Marketing Plus —the unified marketing platform for marketing teams.

New office in McAllen, Texas!

Mcallen Texas
CRM Watchlist

Zoho CRM wins the CRM Watchlist Award with distinction and the highest overall score among strong competitors like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and more.

Zoho Campaign

Presenting Zoho Campaigns mobile 2.0—everything you do at your desk is now possible on your smart phone!

Zoho Payroll turns 3! To celebrate this, we’ve issued the second edition of The Payroll Chronicles, where we look back at some important payroll trends.

Zoho WorkDrive

We are unboxing some exciting Zoho WorkDrive 3.0 capabilities to help you access, collaborate on, and optimize your data from wherever you are.

Zoho Creator

Introducing Zoho Creator 6.0, a power-packed combination of application development, BI & analytics, smart integrations, and process automation in one single platform.

Zoho Zillium

Introducing Zillum by Zoho —a secure digital space for your family.


New office in New Braunfels, Texas!

New Braunfels,Texas

New office in Cape Town, South Africa!

Cape Town

Presenting the latest Zoho Corporation brand—TrainerCentral! An all-in-one training platform to help you build engaging online courses, nurture a learning community, and turn your expertise into a successful business.


Unveiling Zoho Cliq 3.0— your complete collaboration platform for hybrid work.


Announcing the latest version of Zoho Creator—Zoho Creator 6.0!

One '21 We're excited to unveil our biggest update to the unified Operating System for Business— Zoho One'21

Learn Introducing Zoho Learn. Your comprehensive knowledge management and training platform.

Zoho Books partners with HSBC!

HSBC users can now manage business operations, cash flows, payments, and receivables easily, all through a single integrated platform.

Learn more
We're investing in Voxelgrids

A Bengaluru-based magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology startup to foster development of deep technological capabilities and intellectual property (IP) in India.

Learn more

Introducing the forever free version of Invoice! As a way of showing our gratitude and to help more SMBs grow, we made Zoho Invoice completely free for all small and medium-sized businesses.

Say hello to the industry’s first no-code CRM design studio—Canvas for Zoho CRM.

ShiftsPresenting Zoho Shifts—a dedicated shift scheduling tool.

Announcing our latest division of Zoho Corporation—Qntrl. Workflow orchestration software that helps you gain visibility and control over your business processes by automating them.


Zoho Expense drops the mic on everything T&E with an entirely redefined look, innovative enhancements, and indispensable integrations.


Introducing Zoho DataPrep! An augmented self-service data preparation and data pipeline service! Connect, cleanse, transform, and enrich data for downstream analytics, warehousing, and data science without any coding.


We’re excited about adding a whole new category to our arsenal of functions: legal!

Announcing Zoho Contracts—a comprehensive contract lifecycle management software.

Voice Say hello to your new cloud-based business phone system,
Zoho Voice!

CalendarIntroducing an all-new Zoho Calendar! Calendar’s enhanced tools and a more intuitive interface makes scheduling easier than ever for you and your team.

CatalystWe launch Zoho Catalyst, a full-stack serverless developer platform.

ToDoPresenting ToDo. A brand-new interface with collaborative features to help improve task-management for individuals and teams!

Years and Counting

This year marks 25 glorious years of Zoho Corporation! Thank you for trusting us with your business and being a part of this eventful journey. Here's to the next 25 years of supporting and serving you better!

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Padma Shri

The Government of India has bestowed the prestigious Padma Shri—India's fourth-highest civilian award—on our CEO, Sridhar Vembu! It's a moment of great honor and pride for all of us here at Zoho Corp.


Zoho Projects 7—more speed, a complete UI makeover, and new features to help businesses deal with disruptions in their work.

Celebrating 10 years of simplifying accounting with Zoho Books!

We’re happy to announce our partnership with Dialog Enterprise, Sri Lanka’s premier connectivity provider.


Constellation Research honors Sridhar Vembu with the "Best Enterprise CEO of the Year" award!

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Best Enterprise CEO of the Year

We celebrate crossing the 60-million-user mark!

Our "Made in India. Made for the World" video campaign gets a face-lift.

We debuted a Zoho One campaign during the Super Bowl.

Forbes India cover story:

Sridhar on the "rural revival" initiative.

Read the story

We put together a remote-working toolkit called Zoho Remotely to help ease the transitions of working away from the office.


ZeptoMailIntroducing ZeptoMail by Zoho Mail—a secure and reliable transactional email sending service by Zoho Mail.

Partnership with TCS

We're delighted about our partnership with TCS to provide end-to-end business solutions to enterprises globally!

Zoho PuviSay hello to Zoho Puvi—our down-to-earth typeface.

Opening up our Austin farm office.

WorkplaceRe-imagining work with the all-new Zoho Workplace.

Celebrating 1000+ extensions on our Marketplace!

We're verified as being in compliance with the ISO 27701:2019!


Zoho BackToWork, an app that makes your transition back to office a smooth one.

Zoho Announcement Backtowork

TeamInboxIntroducing Zoho TeamInbox, a shared inbox tool for enhancing team collaboration.

WriterZoho Writer goes beyond words to become a work processor!

ClassesZoho Classes—a new mobile app to help schools and colleges continue the academic session by teaching students online.

Introducing Zoho Influence, our new destination for thought leadership and insight from customers, industry experts, and Zoho.

BookingsThe launch of Zoho Bookings, an appointment scheduling app.

We receive the "Best Enterprise Software Vendor Award" by Constellation Research Inc.


Bigin by Zoho CRM—a pipeline-centric CRM, releases for small businesses.

Bigin Image

debuts in Jeddah and Cairo.

Zoho University expands to become Zoho Schools of Learning, teaching everything from design to marketing to development.

Our CEO receives the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award in the Services category. Learn more

Million Users

We hit the 50-million-user mark! We thank our users for trusting us and making us a part of their digital transformation journey.

We set up a 5-megawatt on-grid solar energy farm to offset the costs of running our offices and data centers.

MarketingHubWe launch Zoho MarketingHub, the unified marketing automation software for crafting unique customer experiences.


MailZoho Mail integrates with iPaaS platforms—Integromat, Blendr.io, and Workato.

WorkDriveThe release of Zoho WorkDrive, an online file storage and collaboration platform.

WorkerlyZoho Workerly, a temporary staffing solution, joins our software suite.

We're named 'Best CRM' by PC Mag.

Our first office in Mexico opens!

Mexico Office

People PlusZoho People Plus—an integrated HR platform for seamless employee experiences is launched as a suite.

Zoho CRM Plus turns 5!

We opened two new data centers in Australia.

Our first office opens in Australia.

Zoho Australia Office

Zoho School The launch of Zoho School of Business!

CommerceSay hello to Zoho Commerce, a complete eCommerce suite for online selling.

Gartner names us a "Cool Vendor."

Million Users

As we welcome the new year, we welcome our new users. Thank you for traveling with us.

AnalyticsIntroducing Zoho Analytics—a new way to visualize and act on data.

PhoneBridgeFebruary saw the debut of Zoho PhoneBridge, a product that lets you easily integrate your cloud PBX with Zoho telephony products.

BackstageReleasing Zoho Backstage, an event management app.

PagesenseZoho PageSense, a conversion rate optimization app, makes its debut.

FlowWe launch Zoho Flow—a drag-and-drop integration platform that allows you to create workflows between cloud applications.

We open our first European office in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Netherland office

Office SuiteWe introduce a new version of the Zoho Office Suite.

Releasing Zoho Academy—comprehensive guides to improve core business practices.

Office opens in Renigunta, India.

Zia VoiceIntroducing the first conversational AI for sales teams— Zia Voice.

We are GDPR ready!

Our national Zoho One TV spots lit up the court during the NBA finals.

TV Spots
NY Times Advertisement

We run a full-page ad in the NY Times introducing Zoho One.

We establish the APAC Headquarters in Singapore.

APAC Headquarters in Singapore

First office opens in Dubai, UAE.

Zoho Office in Dubai
 Zoho One

Our biggest release of the year—Zoho One. A revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your entire business.

Zoho One

Finance PlusIntroducing Finance Plus—a suite to manage youroperations and finances.

CheckoutWe kicked the year off by launching Zoho Checkout.

Workplace Zoho Workplace—a tightly integrated suite of productivity applications

ZiaAn AI powered intelligent sales assistant! Learn more

SignIntroducing Zoho Sign! A complete digital signature app for business signatories.

CliqPresenting Zoho Cliq. A chat software that helps simplify your team communication with organized conversations.

SprintsThe launch of Zoho Sprints, our agile project management offering.

The launch of Zoho GST for Indian Businesses.

ZU SchoolThe ZU School of Advanced Study welcomes its inaugural class.

Million Users

are now a part of our journey!

Establishing our own data centers in the Netherlands and Ireland.

OneAuthWe release Zoho OneAuth—a complete multi-factor authenticator for all your online accounts.


DeskIntroducing Zoho Desk—the industry's first context aware help-desk software.

NotebookIntroducing Zoho Notebook—a mobile note taking application.

SalesInbox An email client exclusively for salespeople.

Marketplace Say hello to Zoho Marketplace—an online store that features a host of carefully handpicked extensions for Zoho apps.

DeveloperSoftware developers can now build and sell extensions for Zoho products—through Zoho. Learn more

Million Users

We're thrilled about hitting the 15-million-user milestone!

We move to our new campus at 'Estancia' in Chennai, India.

Zoho Estancia Office

Zoho University turns 10!

Celebrating 10 years of Zoho Writer and Zoho CRM, our first two products.

Our exclusive 'Made in India, Made for the World' TV campaign goes live!

Zoho SocialIntroducing Zoho Social—a complete social media management software to help you build your brand on social media.


Say hello to Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho SalesIQ!

We debut Zoholics in India.

CRM Plus Introducing Zoho CRM Plus—our first unified customer-centric offering.

We kick-start a series of Zoholics user conferences around the world.

Zoho Kickstart

CreatorWe host our first Zoholics Developers event: Zoho Creator Hackathon.

New launches

This year sees the launch of many new products: Zoho Connect, Zoho Survey, Zoho Vault, and Zoho ContactManager.

Zoho University starts in Tenkasi, India.

Zoho Tenkasi Office

We move into our own office building in Pleasanton, CA.

Zoho Pleasanton Office

This year, we're happy to introduce — Zoho Campaigns an email marketing app, and Zoho Sites—software to help you build your own website!

Zoholics—our flagship user conference, kicks off for the first time in the US!


Zoho Books—an online accounting app, and Zoho BugTracker—an automated bug tracking software, make their way into our growing suite of tools.

Celebrating 15 years of Zoho Corporation!

We open an office in Tenkasi, India.

Zoho Tenkasi Office

'The Economic Times' profiles Zoho University.

The Economic Times

The online arm of Zoho Corporation is 5 years old!

CalendarSay hello to Zoho Calendar, the perfect online business calendar to stay organized.


AdventNet is renamed to Zoho Corporation Pvt Ltd.


Assist We introduce Zoho Assist—a remote support and access software.

Recruit Introducing Zoho Recruit—an applicant tracking system built to provide end-to-end hiring solutions.

Zoho is featured for the first time in a spot on CNN.


We hit the 1-million-user mark!

Invoice We introduce Zoho Invoice—an online invoicing software.

People Say hello to Zoho People—an app to automate and simplify HR processes.

Mail Introducing Zoho Mail—a secure email hosting service for businesses.

Say hello to our new office in Austin!

Zoho Office Austin

CRMZoho CRM is now enterprise-ready.

We partner with Baihui—largest Chinese online distributor.


Introducing Zoho Status—a site that displays the health of all Zoho applications.

Zoho Status

We now support Google IDP.

We win ‘The Best Enterprise Start-up’ at The Crunchies.

We're happy to be listed in "PCWorld: 100 Best Products of 2008".

PCWorld: 100 Best Products of 2008

'The Economist' features Sridhar Vembu.

We're on TIME.com.


NASSCOM announces Zoho as one of the finalists in "NASSCOM Innovation Awards 2008".

TechRepublic lists Zoho as one of 'The 10 most important business technology products of 2008'.

ReadWriteWeb chooses Zoho as the 'Best LittleCo of 2008'.


A web conferencing software for your online Zoho Meeting and webinar needs.


DocsZoho Docs—online file management for teams and individuals.

Our Office Suite wins "100 Best Products of 2007 Award" from PC World.


Announcing Zoho Business, aimed at bringing multiple Zoho applications under a single roof for businesses.

More Products

This year, we debut newer, more powerful applications in our suite of products.

SheetWe release Zoho Sheet—a spreadsheet software for collaborative teams.

CreatorZoho Creator—a low-code platform where you can build custom apps the way you want.

ShowWe introduce Zoho Show—an online presentation tool.

ProjectsIntroducing Zoho Projects—a comprehensive project management system.

With Zoho APIs, we're taking our first major step towards opening up our applications to be integrated into other services.

The long wait for a unified sign-in is finally over. Zoho single sign-on is on!

We win the 'Audience Choice Award' at the Under the Radar-Office 2.0 event.

Audience Choice Award

Say hello to Zoho Writer—your next generation word processor.

CRMAn elegant and affordable on-demand Zoho CRM Solution.

Zoho Virtual Office

AdventNet introduces its first product in the collaboration space: Zoho Virtual Office.


We launch our sister brand:ManageEngine!


AdventNet Inc. expands its international presence by opening new offices in Japan.


We move from San Jose into a new office in Pleasanton, California!


We head for the West coast and move our offices to San Jose, California.


AdventNet Inc. is born in New Jersey, USA. It all begins with Network Management.