Focus on the essentials.Robotize the rest.

Zoho RPA enables you to automate manual, repetitive, and rule-based processes easily. Replace and mechanize manual repetition with seamless automation to drive productivity, increase organizational efficiency, and empower your enterprise with agility.

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Types of automation

Automate Web applications, Windows applications, and Excel sheets.

  • Web automation

    • Automate web applications and website interactions - Clicks, navigation, data extraction, form filling
    • Recording capability for web interactions
  • Windows automation

    • Automate Windows applications - Any app built on Win32, WinForms, WPF, UWP
    • Record interactions
    • Drag and drop tasks
    • Select UI elements to interact via automation
    • Mimic human interaction
    • Automate legacy applications
  • Excel automation

    • Mass data manipulation - Automatically create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) Excel records
    • Record and automate at the granular task level in workflows
Web automation
Windows automation
Excel automation

A powerful, pioneering recorder

  • Record Windows actions
  • Record Web actions
  • Record Excel actions

Granular capabilities

  • Configure conditional logic
  • Toggle delay/wait times
  • Configure error handling
  • Debug workflows
  • Set up email notifications
  • Implement custom programmable functions

Powerful triggers to invoke workflows

  • Schedule triggers
  • Webhook triggers
  • Desktop triggers

Powerful automation, delivered

Versatile feature set for seamless mechanization.

Automate data entry into systems

Extract data from emails

Automate legacy applications

Integrate with 800+ cloud apps

Support for multiple trigger types

Zoho RPA Orchestrator: A unified central dashboard for your automations

Record, Automate, Accelerate.

Experience the power of Zoho RPA’s next generation automation. Replace manual repetition with unparalleled efficiency.

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