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The complete collaboration platform for hybrid work

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What's gotten better here?

Cliq isn't just remote-work friendly—now we're hybrid-work friendly. Whether you're at the office or home, Zoho Cliq helps strengthen communication in your organization to make work happen.

Virtual meetings like never before

Record your calls and meetings

Want to revisit a call to gather more details? Schedule call recordings or instantly hit the record button to log your meetings and listen.

Collaborate using Whiteboard

Bring your team together to visually exchange thoughts and ideas through whiteboards during meetings.

Engage with gestures, polls, and GIFs

Say hello to engaging team discussions! Conduct opinion polls and have fun interactions using gestures and GIFs during meetings.

Host bigger audio conferences

The more the merrier. Add up to 1000 participants in a single audio call and start the discussion.

Assign co-hosts and take control

Want another colleague to host the meeting with you? Pass on the baton by assigning them as a co-host. Hosts and co-hosts will be able to mute and unmute participants, among other things.

Play with lively background effects

Want to quickly hide the pile of clothes in your room before attending a video call? Just turn on background effects to mask the mess and relax.

Experience the latest views in meetings

Get a complete view of all the participants in a meeting with the speaker highlighted in the grid view. Audio meetings now support stage view, where the speaker will be centered.

Add guests to your meetings

Invite people outside your organization to join your meetings by sending them a call invite link.

Record your calls and meetingsCollaborate using WhiteboardEngage with gestures, polls, and GIFsHost bigger audio conferencesAssign co-hosts and take controlPlay with lively background effectsNew views in meetingsAdd guests to your meetings

Taking chats up a notch

Categorize your favorite chatsSend video clips and screen recordingsA single message action on multiple messagesYour reactions at your fingertips

Categorize your favorite chats

Sort your pinned chats into categories of your choice and keep your workspace organized.

Send video clips and screen recordings

Cut down on meetings and screen sharing sessions. Just record a video message or take a screen recording and share it via chat.

Perform a single message action on multiple messages

Select multiple messages in your chat and add a collective message action such as adding as a task in Todoist, a note in Zoho Notebook, a ticket in Zoho Desk, and more.

Place your favorite reactions at your fingertips

No more redundant quick reactions. Love a particular emoji and constantly use it? Set it up in your quick reactions for easy access.

Integrations that make Cliq bigger and better

Apply leave in a click

If you've integrated Zoho People with Cliq, you can now add a leave record right from within Cliq to let people know about your absence.

Manage your projects from one place

No more switching tabs between Zoho Projects and Zoho Cliq. Manage all your projects and run the show from Cliq itself.

View all your calendars at once

A central view of all your Zoho calendars is now available inside Cliq from the navigation sidebar.

Take notes much easier

The recent Zoho Notebook-Cliq integration lets you access notebooks from the Notes section in addition to Cliq notes.

Apply leave in a clickManage your projects from one placeView all your calendars at onceTake notes much easier

We've packed in more with this version

Quickly access your most-used widgets

Bring your favorite widgets to the navigation sidebar for ready access.

Keep your files private

Adding guests to a group chat? Restrict them from viewing files shared in the chat by turning off the organization policy.

Step up your productivity with task management

Whether you use Zoho Projects or not, you get to experience a full-fledged task management tool right inside Cliq.

See a bird's-eye view of your organization

Get a consolidated look at your entire organization, including the teams you're a part of, and search for team members and access team channels and settings from the same section

The full Cliq experience on mobile

No need to carry your laptop wherever you go—Cliq's web experience is now seamlessly available on the mobile app as well. Update your app to enjoy all the latest features.

Looking for a complete hybrid work tool? Try out Zoho Cliq today!

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