Route - Plan, Optimize, Navigate

  • Plan a route which is automatically optimized based on the distance, appointments, and drop-ins
  • Adjust the route as you go if there are any cancellations or new customers to add
  • Single-click navigation to any customers or any planned routes

Map Visualize

Visualize your Zoho CRM leads, deals, contacts, accounts, and events on an interactive map and filter prospects matching your specified criteria.

Explore nearest

Explore your CRM leads, deals, contacts, accounts, and events nearby.


Map Reports - Heat map, Cluster map

View a heat map or cluster map of your CRM leads, deals, contacts, accounts, and events.

A visual alternative to a simple list views

Bored of normal list views? RouteIQ provides interactive map views of all your CRM custom views. As you work in your CRM, clearly see where locations in your lists are relative to each other, so you can plan better.


Stay connected from anywhere

For sales reps who travel light, your mobile phone is an invaluable tool. Update your itinerary at any time and check in or out at customer locations for scheduled events in real-time using the RouteIQ app for Android or iOS.

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