Launching Zoho MarketingHub: The unified marketing automation software for crafting unique customer experiences.

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A marketer's world revolves around finding what matters most to their customers. New businesses, distinct methodologies, and complex pipelines—in the end, it all adds up to finding and engaging the right customers who will complement your brand's journey. Businesses that venture into disruptive technologies often use the term marketing automation, but the way marketers view the power of automation is changing. More than just a way to reduce manual tasks, marketing automation is becoming a tool that humanizes customer experiences. It's a means to uncover thousands of reasons for your leads and customers to associate with you.  

Keeping that in mind, we've created Zoho MarketingHub, the all-in-one marketing automation software that combines the power of a well-built, cohesive platform and the functionality of distinct marketing tools. With MarketingHub, you'll now know the reason behind everything—from why people visited your website and what stage your leads are currently in, to how a recent successful campaign fetched more returns.  


Let's take a dive into what Zoho MarketingHub has in store for you:

Visualizing personalized conversion journeys

Building contextual journeys is the key to providing a personalized experience. Creating journeys lets you define and own your customers’ and leads’ stories, and it also makes it easy to engage them as they progress in their paths. These journeys are not just about targeting a set of people with some actionable content—they're more to do with what, why, and how. 

Consider these questions:

- What does your target audience want from you? 
- Why does your brand help them achieve what they want? 
- How do you make your audience understand ?

Journeys from MarketingHub is a mechanized tool to help you perform your engagement activities in the most humanized way. They provide triggers, logic elements, processes, and exit actions that let you build engagement flows and craft unique experiences for everyone you target.


journey template

Behavioral marketing—the emerging vantage point

How different would your marketing be if only you knew what your leads wanted? What if you were given a magic eye to discover the story behind each visitor who navigates your website and every user who tries your product features? Zoho MarketingHub offers that opportunity. With keen behavioral analytics, you'll know why a visitor clicked your call-to-action, whether they took the actions you wanted, and what makes them care for your brand.

Our web analytics tell you a lot more. Set events for completion of page actions, assign goals and missed goals for activities, and track whether your goals were successfully achieved or missed.

web behavior tracking

One-touch customization

Customization is the new smart! Marketing automation is all about enhancing the strategic areas of your business, and Zoho MarketingHub's 'smart' dashboard rightly delivers this. Along with insights about your overall performance, you get the option to choose what you want to see on your dashboard—whether it's your lead growth, website activities, or recent campaigns.

Science of targeted marketing campaigns 

When was the last time you fumbled with difficult questions like, "which campaign gave me the most revenue?" or "which marketing campaign gave me more customers?" If you find yourself still asking these, then we've got you covered.

The campaign planner helps you kickstart your marketing campaign, right from the very first baby steps. Define your objectives, decide on your targets, pick your engagement channel, and select the budget currency—the rest is handled by the tool. Sit back to see how your campaigns perform in real time, and get metrics like budget allocation, channel performance, touchpoint analysis, and monetary estimation at your fingertips. In simple terms, knowing what works for you and what doesn't can simplify the whole complex process of running marketing campaigns.

roi campaign planner

Embarking on potential lead opportunities 

In the journey of lead progression, every detail about your lead counts. So, it's important to know not only which sources your leads, but also what drove them to your brand, how this shift happened, why there were so many points in their path, and how often you get lead growth. How do you capture all of this information and conceptualize it in your engagement strategy?

Touchpoints and attribution reports give a clear view of the various information points in your lead's journey, from the time they show initial interest in your brand to the time they actually sign up or get associated with you. Lead generation tools like smart pop-ups, signup forms, and OnSpot forms help you broaden your lead base. Lead insights offer much deeper metrics, such as growth over time, engagement levels, tag associations, and more.


lead stage insights

The micro-funnel methodology 

Every marketing effort you undertake is a funnel by itself, in which your motive is to graduate or qualify the best of the lot. For example, consider a webinar. Your webinar attendees become your leads, and your aim is to provide tailored nurturing for these leads, get them to register for more webinars in the future, find the leads who consistently take part in your sessions, and finally reward those leads.

To make your qualification process simpler, MarketingHub provides scores and tags that let you segment the best of the best. Cumulative scores help you gauge the high-performing leads, and you can group them for further reference using a tag. The lead stages tool helps you categorize leads based on their current engagement stage, which makes micro-targeting easier.

lead scoring

The omnichannel connection

As a brand, you try to reach an audience that's spread across multiple channels and platforms. The first step in engaging the audience is identifying potential revenue-generating channels forms the primary step, so the marketing automation software should meet this need. Through MarketingHub, you can seamlessly channelize your engagement with leads and customers across different platforms, without having to step out of the place.

Emailsocial media, and SMS allow you to be wherever your audience is, at any time. Create email marketing campaigns, set up automated drip emails, schedule social media posts or page campaigns, run targeted email signature campaigns, and quickly send out effective text messages—all from a single space.


Cornerstone of progressive customer relationships

Customers, like leads, play a significantly role in building your brand credibility. Concepts like customer retention and loyalty building have been treated as buzzwords, but at their foundation, they're about focused engagement and making customers feel like they belong with your brand.

Different marketing techniques work for different customers. With Zoho MarketingHub, try out all the variations to stay in touch with your customers in the most effective way. Organize events, promote webinars, send surveys, set up drip nurturing, run social campaigns, and deliver timely text messages. Take control of your customer engagement across multiple avenues, without having to worry about missing anything essential.

email marketing

Unified plug-and-play multitasking 

Marketing isn't a standalone job, and marketers today use a variety of marketing and productivity platforms to simplify their processes. We at Zoho MarketingHub understand this need, and we've come up with a solution that combines a wide range of applications under one umbrella.

As a Zoho user, you're sure to benefit from using our range of different marketing apps as part of our unified system. Some popular apps from our in-house suite include the brand-new Zoho Commerce Plus, Zoho CRM, Zoho Backstage, Zoho Survey, Zoho Sites, Zoho Meeting, and Zoho Forms. Want more? You can integrate with some of the popular third-party applications like Salesforce, SugarCRM, G Suite, Wistia, Twilio, Clickatell, MessageMedia, Zendesk, WordPress, and Unsplash.

Zoho MarketingHub is a part of Zoho's big picture, Zoho One, and will also be available as an integrated marketing platform in the suite.


With its generous range of productive tools, the all-new Zoho MarketingHub is ready to introduce users to the rich marketing automation experience. What you see is just the beginning, and there's lot more to come!

Do try out Zoho MarketingHub and share your feedback with us through comments or emails, while we work on planning the next set of interesting updates for you.


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