3 reasons why you should host paid training

When trainers and marketers decide to run an online training session or webinar, there are a few aspects that need to be addressed to ensure success: picking the ideal schedule, identifying effective ways to promote the session, and choosing how to measure the impact of the presentation. However, with more learning and collaboration going digital, there is one other important question that begs the attention of every trainer - "Should I charge my attendees or allow a free pass?"

Well, the popular Hollywood logic says "If you are good at something, never do it for free." But, should you just go by that?

In this post we've tried to reason out the advantages of attaching a ticket price to your sessions, so that it will help you make a wise call:

1. The business of training
The education industry has become highly competitive. Enthusiastic learners see e-learning as a convenient alternative to classroom model and are willing to pay a premium to up-skill themselves. If you are an expert in niche domains like 'block-chain', 'machine learning', 'cyber security', etc. it is time you capitalise on this opportunity. Moreover, a training business that caters to remote learners is operationally low-cost and is easily scalable.

2. Establishing thought leadership
The online world is populated by self-proclaimed pundits and gurus so much so that professionals seeking answers for business problems are spoilt for choice. To cut across this digital noise and to establish oneself as a thought leader, it is vital to send the right signals to the corporate fraternity. Conducting paid webinars reassures that you are a veteran in business consulting, thus helping them separate the wheat from the chaff.

3. Showcasing product credibility
It is imperative for marketers who want to expand their partner base, to convince the reseller community about the business potential. This is why large scale software companies put in place rigorous on-boarding for partners. Hosting paid training and issuing certificates of excellence clearly shows the high value attached to the product.

We at Zoho ShowTime have understood this paradigm shift and have introduced the Paid training feature. You can now add tickets to your trainings or webinars by configuring a payment gateway and start charging your attendees in a few simple steps. Better still, you can customize your e-commerce by running promotions, setting up a refund policy and generate a steady flow of revenue.

To learn more about this feature read this forum post or our detailed user guide. You can also share your feedback about your experience by emailing support@zohoshowtime.com.

Click here to compare our pricing plans or get started with a Free Trial right away.

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    1. Hello Luis, ShowTime is an online training platform whereas Meeting is an online meeting and a webinar tool. Using ShowTime you can host live remote sessions like webinars or virtual trainings and engage with your participants in real-time.

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