Active training for the digital age.

Stop talking at people, and start talking with them. ShowTime gives your audience a voice, turning passive listeners into active learners. The best trainers make participants feel included, respected and empowered to ask questions. ShowTime cultivates an interactive classroom environment so that every student can join in the conversation.

No more guessing games.

Take the pulse of your audience with polls. Gather opinions, understand people's views, and project the answers for everyone to see. Don't guess: Know.

Asked and answered.

Don't let shy students go unheard. Encourage attendees to pose questions with their smartphones or tablets, then display those contributions for the whole class. Give everyone a seat at the table.

Learning, on their terms.

Some concepts are hard to follow; don't let your ideas get lost in the crowd. With ShowTime, participants can keep up with the presentation as it unfolds, or reference past slides to clarify tough concepts.

Win hearts; win minds.

Bring the interactivity of social media into your presentation. The more 'hearts' a slide earns the more it resonated with your audience. Use that feedback to build better, more compelling presentations in the future.

Ratings in real time.

Know what people really thought. Solicit audience feedback and ratings as soon as your presentation ends. Get a higher response rate, and see exactly what kind of impression you made.

Get up close and personal.

Control your slides from anywhere in the room, and free yourself from the podium. Now you can interact with the student in the last row as much as with the one in the first.

Training for the trainer.

Traditional training methods transmit information in one direction; ShowTime let's your audience talk back, giving you the information you need on the level of learner comprehension and to improve your presentations. With engagement analytics and reports, you'll know exactly what resonated with your learners and what fell flat.

The numbers game.

Use analytics (likes, comments, questions) to identify your strengths and weaknesses, set benchmarks for improvement, and polish your delivery. Visualize the data through graphs and charts, and see the bigger picture.

Are you 'clicking'?

See what clicked with your audience and what didn't, even while you are still at the podium. Know which concepts need some more explanation, and which ones can be left on the cutting room floor.

Expand your reach.

Connect with your learners even after the training is complete. Leverage attendee details for networking and future communication. Keep in touch, even after the session is done. With attendee details captured through ShowTime, you can keep the conversation going and do more networking.

Gauge their reaction.

Assess session progress at every step of your class and after it concludes. Get immediate responses and comments from your attendees, and refine your message to make it even better the next time.

Showcase your profile. Get noticed.

Stand out from the crowd. Highlight your accomplishments, and demonstrate your areas of expertise. You don't have to do all the talking; let ShowTime's profile page speak on your behalf.

Get your name out there.

ShowTime's profile page gives speakers an online resume. Former and future clients can see your presentations, read testimonials, and look at your engagement analytics.

Publish and promote.

Publish your talks to turn your presentation history into an online resource. Let past attendees brush up on what they learned, and give future participants a feel for who you are as a trainer.

Spread the word.

Increase your online presence by sharing your talks on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Go viral with the help of your attendees; they can share snippets of your slide material on social media.

Make a connection, despite the distance.

Communicate across time zones and continents.

Invite off-premises trainees to join your session with ShowTime Voice.

Training shouldn't mean massive travel expenses and lost productivity. Conduct sessions from anywhere with ShowTime Voice. Bridge the geographic gap and make everyone feel included. Train employees where they are; get them where they need to be.

  •   Make training more cost effective.
  •   Bring a global audience under one roof.
  •   Train large groups of employees simultaneously.
  •   Standardize training across your company.
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Engage to educate. Evaluate to improve. Publish to promote.

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