The sudden rise of virtual classroom software

We are living in unprecedented times and as schools and colleges suspend on-campus classes, students and trainees are losing precious time to learn. This is impacting their academic and skills development progress.

While we know the current situation in the world is unsettling, virtual classroom software is here to help. Many considering online training methods wonder how to provide interaction with students, since the teacher is not physically in front of the class. While many people think that engagement and satisfaction go down significantly when the face-to-face element is lost, we emphatically disagree.

Let's take a look at how Zoho ShowTime offers a comprehensive training platform for your employee training and student education—just like you'd do in a brick-and-mortar classroom.

Virtual classrooms offer incomparable convenience and flexibility!

Virtual classrooms can be attended from anywhere—a bedroom, garage, backyard, or couch—and all anyone needs is a laptop or mobile device with an internet connection. Even better? There's no traveling involved—the class comes to the trainee.

In times like our current crisis, virtual classrooms allow you and your students to safely self-isolate while still offering access to outstanding learning experiences on your schedules.

Student-trainer interaction takes the spotlight.

Let's address the biggest issue first—real-time classroom interaction. In a traditional classroom, opinions are shared, questions are asked and answered, examples are described, naturally leading to high levels of engagement and interaction among students, peers, and instructors. However, this engagement doesn't have to depend on physical proximity.

ShowTime is the perfect tool for delivering classroom-style face-to-face sessions. full of features to ensure every virtual session is just as engaging and interactive as a traditional classroom. The instructor can keep their students engaged mid-sessions with polls and Q&A sessions. Rich chat features allow real-time communication between peers and trainers, while screen-sharing, supplementary learning materials, and whiteboards make the online classroom a complete substitute for the traditional experience. You can also use Zoho ShowTime's co-trainer option to introduce subject matter experts from around the world to your students—no travel expenses required.

Trainers can also assess the trainees' participation in the session, share great questions with the class, and record the session as it unfolds. The recording can later be sent to the participants who missed the session or want to review it, making sure that everyone can get the information, at their own pace, as many times as they'd like.

Every student is unique—curating on-demand content for self-paced study.

Want to train employees abroad? Finding it a challenge to keep up with time zones? Does your institute provide self-study material or offer certification courses? If the answer to any of those questions is a "yes," then Zoho ShowTime is the solution for you.

You can upload course videos for employees and trainees to watch at their convenience. As a trainer, you can also share supplementary reference materials and follow up with tests and quizzes to make sure the information is hitting home.

Virtual or physical, learning is always taking place.

Virtual classrooms leverage the best of remote technology to make learning an easier and more accessible experience. They also help significantly lower overhead costs while providing superior reach for students and teachers both. As the education and training fields work to navigate the current transition to remote learning, we're proud to offer tools to help ensure students can keep learning.

Zoho ShowTime is a single comprehensive tool for all your remote teaching needs. If you'd like to experience ShowTime for yourself, please sign up here. Follow ShowTime’s Twitter handle to stay updated about the product, as well as receive tips and tricks on how to become a successful trainer.


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