From classrooms to meeting rooms: a project management tool for every business

Gone are the days when manufacturing industries, construction and software companies were the only major consumers of project management tools. Every industry has slowly evolved to understand the importance of using a project management methodology to handle all their tasks systemically.

ITS, a dental college in Northern India has started managing all their academic activities using Zoho Projects, our project management tool.

Dr. Gagandeep Arora, their Dean and a veteran in the educational industry, tells us how Zoho Projects has made life easier for him. His favorite feature in Projects is Templates. Dr. Arora says, “It took me 12 hours to plan a conference in 2018. And in 2020, using Projects, it took me just 3 minutes to plan the same conference”. 

In 2018, when Dr. Arora had to plan an international conference, he spent a lot of time organizing it by creating tasks, milestones, custom fields and statuses, and assigning them to the right people. The templates feature helped Dr. Arora plan his conference in 2020 without having to redo everything he did in 2018. This also reduces the time and effort he would have to spend on planning other conferences in the future.

Mr. Vijay Sharma, Director of Admin Operations at ITS, spends most of his time on Zoho Projects monitoring the wide range of reports that are available. 

Our Resource Utilization chart helps him understand how occupied his team is, helping him delegate work items effectively to strike the right balance. Another interesting way Mr. Sharma uses these reports is to rate staff performance based on the data that’s available from the Planned vs Actual report and Task Reports

This helps him understand the performance of the ITS Dental College team during that specific academic year and make an informed decision while finalizing their Annual Performance Review. 

Mr. Ashutosh Singh, the Head of Operations, is someone who is always busy with meetings and not often found at his desk. He uses the Projects mobile app to approve requests and assign tasks to individuals, helping him stay on top of things, even when he is on the go. 

Since most of the ITS Dental College professors are at times busy traveling to global conferences, the collaboration features that Zoho Projects offers have been a great help to them. The integration with Zoho Meetings, for example, helps them get together for a quick digital meeting, no matter which part of the world they are in.

And that’s how ITS Dental college uses Zoho Projects to manage their work more efficiently. We’d love to hear your story as well and publish it here, to share with the whole Zoho community.

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