Improve your efficiency with new ways of automating tasks and accessing apps in Zoho Projects

In project management, a great deal of time is spent switching between tabs, updating task statuses, and notifying relevant teammates. Despite taking up a significant part of one’s work hours, these repetitive tasks often feel inconsequential when assessing one’s productivity. The latest Zoho Projects updates aim to reduce project delays caused by mundane yet unavoidable tasks and help teams stay on top of their schedules.

Choose from the custom function gallery

The custom functions feature in Zoho Projects allows users to create their own task functions. We have added a few ready-to-use, pre-defined functions that will come in handy when you want to automatically create work items or perform actions like send a status update or messages.

 With just a few quick tweaks to our pre-filled Deluge code, anyone can now create custom workflows. For instance, in an “Article Publishing” project, once the task “Quality Check” is completed, you can use the Create Successor Task gallery function to create the next task, “Publish.”

Synchronize work status across Sprints and Projects

If you’re working on hybrid projects and have integrated Zoho Sprints with Zoho Projects, we’re bringing you a time-saving hack: Map the task and issue status in Projects with Sprints item status.

By automatically updating the Sprint status whenever a Task or Issue status changes, this feature prevents teams from relying on users for project progress update on individual platforms.

Add Webhook to Blueprint transition

Repetitive tasks that consume time and energy can be automated with Blueprint in Zoho Projects. By adding Webhook to a Blueprint, you can create triggers to perform actions in third-party apps once a transition is complete.

Consider a scenario where you have to alert a client that their documentation needs to be reworked. With this latest update, when the task status transitions to “rework,” your client will automatically get a triggered notification on their mobile phones via SMS or other third-party services.

Access web applications within Zoho Projects

It’s common to lose a bit of focus when switching between apps. When accessing multiple web applications becomes integral to the project you’re working on, this most likely affects your productivity.

Our latest feature, Web Tab, enables users to pin a web application on a project’s home page and helps teams easily access the application within Zoho Projects. With the feature, you can embed a third-party app URL by adding a tab to a project or user profile.

As we are on a constant lookout for smarter ways to improve your project management experience, we hope the above updates help you stay more focused and fully present at work.

Happy Projects!


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