Custom functions and other updates that will elevate your project management

Teams work in different ways. They don’t all require the same project management software features, so we aim to make Zoho Projects as customizable as possible. To provide a great user experience for all teams, we have introduced Custom Functions to our Developer Space. In this article, we’ll cover this new addition, along with other major updates to Zoho Projects.

Do-it-yourself functions

With our Custom Functions feature, you’ll be able to able to write your own functions and call them from one or more task workflow rules.

For example, you may choose to write a custom code that pushes status update notifications via MS Teams to your client who uses Office 365. But that’s just one of the many ways to use the feature. Here’s how you can create custom functions.

Keep an eye on issue status

Projects are bound to encounter issues. Our new Issue Status Timeline allows you to track issues and the time taken to resolve them. The feature provides a clear visual of issue details and helps the project progress smoothly without interruptions. The interface shows who has updated the issue status, so team members know whom to approach if an issue resurfaces.

Visualize your team structure

The best teamwork happens when each member is clear on everyone’s responsibilities. Besides enabling accountability, transparent team structures also improve reliability when completing group work. When team members know the established hierarchy, reporting and collaboration become easier. Enable and view user hierarchy in Projects. 

Timesheet reminders

When project members forget to fill in their timesheets, it can take up valuable time to track and resolve the resulting issues.

Our new timesheet settings can help you remind your teammates to fill in their timesheets. Set reminders to notify users to enter their time logs. 

As you dive into your projects, give the above features a shot. We can’t wait to see how they work for your teams.

Wishing you successful projects!




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