Finishing off in style: End-of-year product updates from Zoho Projects

Season’s greetings from Zoho Projects! The launch of Zoho Projects 7 sparked a series of improvements in our product throughout this year. And we’re happy to end it on a high note with these latest updates.


Create a relevant workspace

Task layout rules: Furthering our customization capabilities, we introduce task layout rules to deal with multiple task layouts in the same project. This helps in showing only the relevant data to different users. In Zoho Projects, we can create multiple custom fields to cater to our business process but not all of them will apply to every team member. This can sometimes lead to a cluttered workspace. For example, fields and sections that are applicable to the Marketing team may not be useful to the Design team.

Using Task Layout Rules, we can show particular sections or fields based on a pre-set condition or we can change the values of a custom picklist field based on a dependent rule. To learn more, check out our help documentation on this topic.

Task Layout Rules

Account for every goal

Milestone invoicing: If you work in stages using goals or milestones and would like to invoice your clients based on goal achievement, here’s an option for you. Milestone-based invoicing allows for you to create invoices for a single as well as multiple milestones to bill clients. Learn more here.

Protect your data

Project field-level permissions: To ensure accountability and data restriction, we’ve drilled down our permission levels. Project field-level permissions for various profiles including those of custom fields can now be set. Furthermore, admins can also set a disclaimer message for new and existing users to protect data.

Project Field Level Permissions

Spruce up your timeline

Gantt color customization: Tired of the common color scheme on your Gantt chart? You can now switch it up by setting custom colors for each of your taskbars in the Gantt module. More than just sprucing up your timeline, this gives you an opportunity to categorize tasks using distinct colors. Just hover over the extreme right end of a taskbar to open the palette and choose from a range of colors.

Gantt color customization

We’ve worked on several other enhancements to make sure your experience with Zoho Projects is smooth. Did you come across an update that made your work easier? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Before we sign-off, we wish you a lovely holiday season and as always, many happy projects 🙂


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