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Planned vs. Actual Hours for Tasks

Planned vs Actual is a feature that indicates the work progress of the user based on the difference in their planned and actual hours. You can view both the total planned hours of a user and the actual hours spent by the user in a project. The difference between the planned and actual hours indicates the progress of the project user. Planned hours is calculated based on the work hours allocated for the task assigned to the user and actual hours spent is calculated based on the user's timesheets and timers.  

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Feature availability

  • Feature Availability: Premium and Enterprise plans
  1. Click Projects in the top band and navigate to your project.
  2. Click Reports in the left panel.
  3. Click the Planned vs Actual section in the main panel.
    • You can view the planned vs. actual hours for the project users and their respective tasks in the selected project. Click on the project user to expand and view the individual tasks.
    • The difference between the planned and actual hours is prefixed with a plus (+), if the planned hour is more than the actual hour.
    • The difference between the planned and actual hours is prefixed with a minus (-), if the planned hour is less than the actual hour.  

Filter options

You can filter the Planned vs. Actual hours based on a selected User, Period, and Task Status. You can filter project users for a particular month, or week or a project span. The Project Span indicates the total planned vs. actual hours spanned across the project. Also, when you filter tasks based on Month or Week, the planned hours for some tasks will not be the work hours specific to the filtered month or week but the overall hours planned for the task. Because, this task spans outside the selected date range also. And the "Work hours" planned for this task is applicable for its entire date range.

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