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  • Improve customer
    Improve customer experiences
  • Automate tasks
    Automate tasks and processes
  • Break data
    Break data silos. Enhance tracking and ROI
  • Optimize workflows
    Optimize workflows
  • Collaborate better
    Collaborate better
  • Boost productivity
    Boost productivity

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Extensions for every role and function

Extensions for every role and function

Extensions across 40+ categories to solve every business need

  • Collaboration

  • Telephony

  • Remote work

  • Productivity

  • Analytics

  • Automation and workflow

  • Social and communication

  • Project management

  • IT and admin

500+ Zoho CRM extensions for breakthrough sales performance

Discover and choose from 500+ growth hacking tools for each step of your sales process—from calling to closing—to help you sell like a winner.

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  • Personalized customers

    Personalize customer experience

  • Sales prospecting

    Improve lead generation and sales prospecting

  • Improve call efficiency

    Improve call efficiency with added context

  • Enhance Sales Productivity

    Enhance sales productivity

  • Simplify document

    Simplify document management

  • Speed up the process

    Speed up the quote-to-cash process

  • 130+ Zoho Desk extensions

    Offer multi-channel, multi-lingual support

  • 130+ Zoho Desk extensions

    Track issues better

  • 130+ Zoho Desk extensions

    Efficiently manage tickets

  • 130+ Zoho Desk extensions

    Use context to resolve tickets quicker

  • 130+ Zoho Desk extensions

    Quickly respond to feedback

  • 130+ Zoho Desk extensions

    Improve support processes

130+ Zoho Desk extensions for stellar customer service

Build stronger customer relationships and drive customer retention with tools that streamline your support operations.

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What did our customers love?

BIG bonus points for the ability to seamlessly integrate Gmail with the Zoho CRM platform, letting me see my entire email history with any of the leads or contacts in the platform at the record level.

Ben Sopczyk, Apex Solar Power

We migrated our service from another service to Zoho Desk. We like how it works together with other Zoho services that make our process more streamlined.

Tan Wee Hoe, ST Engineering

Zoho CRM integrates with both Outlook and Google's calendars, making it easy to schedule, and send invites to clients or customers outside of your organization.

Tony Bredin, NMC Inc

Find the right solution for every role and business need.

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