Annnouncing Zoho Business

Today at the Office 2.0 conference, we are announcing a new category for Zoho - Zoho Business.

As you know, Zoho has a broad set of applications for individuals and business users and today we are categorizing them as we define our business model. To start with, Zoho Applications will be categorized into two -Zoho Personal & Zoho Business.

Zoho Personal is what we offer today for individuals. As we have said previously, our applications are free for individuals and will continue to remain so.

Zoho Business is the new category we are launching today for businesses. With Zoho Business we bring multiple Zoho applications under a single roof and provide an administration console to manage users, domains, groups etc. We have said several times that we wanted to be the IT Department for SMBs and this is our first step towards that.

When you sign up for a Zoho Business account, you'll be the super administrator for your business. You can add multiple locations and administrators. You can also customize the applications by providing your own logo; point your sub-domains to the customized applications, say can point to Zoho Writer).

More information on Zoho Business is available on this Notebook. Also, check out the following video (sorry about the audio).

Zoho Business is currently in private beta and we plan to roll it out to public beta in few weeks.


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