Zoho's integrated security solutions stack now helps businesses strengthen security and privacy

The rise of hybrid work has transformed how we operate, but with this flexibility comes a new set of security and privacy concerns. Hybrid employees and a growing number of personal and business devices being used interchangeably to access business data creates a complex landscape for today's businesses. At Zoho, we help businesses protect both their personal data and their business data.

This June, we’re announcing tighter safeguards to help businesses defend themselves against today's more sophisticated attacks. This stack includes a privacy-first browser, identity and access management platform, and multifactor authentication to IT and cybersecurity leaders to secure application and data access, including generative AI and ML services.

Ulaa: A privacy-first browser 

Ulaa, Zoho's privacy-first browser, prioritizes data privacy and security, enhancing productivity while blocking web surveillance and tracking. Ulaa includes machine learning-powered phishing detection, which safeguards users by identifying and blocking phishing sites with advanced algorithms. Additionally, Ulaa's crypto-mining detection enhances security by preventing unauthorized mining attempts. Ulaa's advanced ad blocking effectively removes intrusive ads and tracking scripts, ensuring that your privacy remains intact.

Some of the recent enhancements include screen sense, dark mode, zen view, and enhanced integration with Zoho Vault.

Zoho Directory: Workforce identity and access management platform 

Zoho Directory helps businesses manage their users, apps, devices, and networks securely and from one single console. The power of Zoho Directory's single sign-on (SSO) that helped employees access their apps has now been extended to devices. Businesses can essentially do away with complex legacy software just to manage devices.

  • Admins can now enroll and manage all of their work devices. While employees can log in to apps, devices, and networks with one secure credential, device authentication is now available for all three major platforms: Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • Protecting businesses from security breaches is core to Zoho Directory, and this year, we’re strengthening our security offering with a Conditional Access and Routing Policy. Now, businesses can frame authentication conditions based on IP, location, trusted device, platform, and more. Based on the conditions set, a user would be either allowed or denied access to the organization.
  • The Routing Policy allows admins to configure different ways in which employees can authenticate their logins into work accounts, whether it’s passwords, passwordless, social logins, and custom authentication. With the right policies in place, IT admins can automate access management without the fear of security breaches.
  • Users can upload their own encryption keys from an external key manager to encrypt their data to ensure that only they have access to it using the Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) feature in Zoho Directory.
  • This June, we’re excited to announce Zoho Directory Cloud RADIUS. Businesses can authenticate enterprise WiFi networks and VPNs using Zoho Directory soon. Reach out to us for more details and early access. 

With these new updates, a business can securely manage all aspects of their workforce identity—the apps they need, the devices they use, and the networks they require with one single and integrated solution.

Zoho OneAuth: Multifactor authenticator 

Zoho OneAuth is a comprehensive multi-factor authentication app that adds one more layer of security for Zoho and online accounts. OneAuth's Smart Sign-in offers a faster way to log into Zoho accounts by just scanning a QR code. The industry leading Passwordless feature allows Zoho users to just enter their username and log in via push notification and biometric verification.

In addition to MFA, Zoho OneAuth offers three key features that help secure online accounts from cyberattacks. In case of MFA fatigue attacks, users can enable Restrict Sign-in and lock account from further attempts. Accessing OneAuth is more secure with App-Lock and unauthorized sessions can be killed remotely with Remote Logout.

OneAuth offers encrypted cloud sync, which makes it possible to use the authenticator across devices. Recover lost or stolen device using a Passphrase, which is known only to the user, thereby making sync and recovery doubly secure. OneAuth is available in Android, iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, Wear OS, and Windows. 

Zoho Vault: A reliable password manager for everyone 

Zoho Vault helps businesses securely store, share, and manage workforce passwords from anywhere. It offers a password generator, policies, breached password detection, compliance reports, browser extensions, and mobile apps.

  • Gain instant access to your password vault by going passwordless. Unlock Zoho Vault without a master password via Zoho OneAuth or other FIDO2-certified authenticators like Touch ID, Windows Hello, Passkey, or YubiKey, while upholding the highest security standards.
  • Configure and manage MFA for your stored accounts in Zoho Vault using the Zoho OneAuth integration. After setup, Zoho Vault will automatically fill in the authentication codes whenever you need them, just like your passwords. This all-in-one approach eliminates the need to search for emails and messages containing the relevant MFA code, enhancing both security and convenience.
  • Geolocation restriction allows super admins to allow or restrict users to access your organization's vault only from a particular geographical location for an additional level of security.
  • We've brought the full Zoho Vault experience to your macOS desktop. Our new Zoho Vault for macOS app offers every feature you rely on—secure password storage, sharing, generation, and collaboration—within a sleek, smart interface. Enjoy the robust functionality of Zoho Vault across all popular browsers, Android, iOS, iPadOS, iWatch, and macOS desktop.

Additionally, Vault provides storage for confidential data, including credit card information, private notes, and software licenses, allowing administrators to set and maintain access privileges for employees based on need and compliance.

Final thoughts 

Security shouldn't be an afterthought. It's the foundation of a thriving digital business. Zoho's integrated security stack offers a powerful and unified solution to protect your business, its data, and its employees. When you're looking for a secure browser, simplified user management, implement multifactor authentication, or secure sensitive information, Zoho has the tools you need to build a robust online posture.Take the first step towards a more secure future—explore Zoho's security solutions today!


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