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Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform and webinar solution that helps you connect, collaborate, and work remotely with efficacy. Schedule online meetings, stream live webinars and enhance your remote collaboration experience today with our highly secure online meeting software.

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  • Collaborate in video meetings

    Connect with your hybrid workforce through seamless audio conferencing and video conferencing to convey ideas better and build trust. Effectively collaborate with the meeting participants using screen sharing, whiteboards, and file sharing.

  • Record and share web meetings

    Record, replay, and share your web meeting recordings with your team members who couldn’t make it to your meeting. Also, download your online meetings' and webinars' recordings for offline use.

  • Conduct department-specific meetings

    Manage multiple teams as different departments and host secure web conferencing sessions on our virtual meeting software. Add members to their relevant departments, assign specific roles, and schedule department-only meetings.


  • Get personalized business phone numbers

    Connect with local and international clients in an instant via business phone calls and SMS using unique business phone numbers. Initiate quick calls with your team using extensions without having to switch between different apps.

  • Keep track of phone calls and SMS

    Monitor and analyze all of your cloud-based business phone communication from one place to gain better insights. Get essential stats on individual phone numbers, including call load and total calls for each country.

  • Customize numbers and configure calls

    Assign a unique name for each number, set a default voice and language, and configure inbound and outbound calls. You can customize the type of answering mode by choosing queue, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or call forwarding.

    Note: Zoho Meeting Calls are currently only available in US and EU data centers.


  • Broadcast video webinars

    Host live video webinars and share multiple video feeds with your audience as you present. Share your screen and connect with the attendees by launching real-time polls and answering questions in Q&A sessions.

  • Customize the attendee experience

    Customize registration forms, webinar emails, and moderate attendees from our video meeting software. Persuade attendees to take action by directing them to any web page you want after a webinar.

  • Live stream sessions

    Reach a larger audience by YouTube livestreaming your business webinars and training sessions from our web meeting software. Respond to YouTube comments and questions in real time for maximum reach.


  • Transform your physical meeting spaces

    Turn your physical conference rooms into powerful hubs of connectivity and collaboration. Brainstorm and work together with your team in virtual meeting rooms using just a display and controller.

  • Associate available meeting rooms

    Create and manage multiple meeting rooms on your Zoho Meeting account, and connect those with the rooms controller instantly. Quickly associate an available room while scheduling your online meetings.

  • Go hands-free during team meetings

    Connect with ease and avoid the hassle of carrying around your laptops to conference rooms all day long. Launch scheduled meetings, utilize audio and video capabilities, and even invite participants directly from the controller.

"The process of switching and getting used to Zoho Meeting was smooth and without any issues. The user interface was and still is very intuitive."

Zoho Meeting
Vinko TosevskiFounder, Psephisma Health
Zoho Meeting

Analyze online meetings and webinars

Keep track of all of your organization's sessions and monitor participant engagement to gain insights. Use essential metrics such as session count, duration, and history to analyze all of your past online meetings and webinars in our secure virtual meeting software.

Zoho Meeting

Schedule and manage meetings from Calendar

Create web meetings and webinars right from your personalized calendar. Switch between different calendar views to monitor all of your scheduled meetings and webinars in one place. Stay ahead of meeting scheduling using our dedicated Calendar tab.

Zoho Meeting

Auto generate meeting keynotes with AI

Effortlessly capture the essence of your online meetings using auto-generated transcriptions and session keynotes. Leverage the power of generative AI to free yourself from manual note taking and focus on what truly matters - creativity and collaboration.

Unifying business communication across sectors

Our online meeting software is flexible enough to meet growing video conferencing needs across industries. Connect, collaborate, and empower your business to stand out in your industry with our secure web meeting software.


Teach online and empower students

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Improve sales with video shopping

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Build better customer relationships

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Improve inter-agency communication

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Provide remote medical consultations

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Security prioritized

Zoho Meeting is committed to protecting your data and privacy while you conduct online meetings using audio, video, and screen sharing. We offer multiple security features to safeguard your web meetings, such as Lock meetings, moderator controls, anonymize personal data, and Entry/Exit notifications. We also encrypt audio, video, and screen sharing to keep your information safe as it travels through the internet.

Learn more about security and privacy in Zoho Meeting
Zoho Meeting


Conduct online meetings, make calls, and organize webinars using your day-to-day Zoho and third-party apps.

  • Zoho MeetingGmail
  • Zoho MeetingProjects
  • Zoho MeetingOutlook
  • Zoho MeetingCRM
  • Zoho MeetingSlack
  • Zoho MeetingTeams
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See how Zoho Meeting has helped businesses and their customers:

"Zoho Meeting has definitely improved our online meeting experience. Overall, the platform is easy to use and has helped us connect and collaborate with team members and clients across different time zones and locations."

Vignesh Chandrasekaran
Vignesh ChandrasekaranCEO, Vault Infosec

“We now have several weekly team meetings that allow everyone to be in sync with each other. And for our customers we have created a series of live webinars and group meetings where they can speak directly with our team and learn about raising solitary bees.”

Karl Alexander
Karl AlexanderMarketing Director, Crown Bees

"Zoho Meeting completely transformed our online training program. The user-friendly platform and global reach helped us overcome challenges and create a seamless learning experience for participants worldwide."

CA Dr Gopal Krishna Raju
CA Dr Gopal Krishna RajuThe Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

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  • Up to 60 minutes of meetings and webinars
  • 100 meeting participants & 100 webinar attendees
  • Seamless video conferencing
  • Secure screen sharing


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  • Multiple co-hosts
  • International dial-in
  • Recording & storage


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  • Multiple co-organizers
  • YouTube live streaming
  • Custom branding solutions

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One of the best-rated solutions for online meetings and webinars.

Zoho Meeting
★★★★★4.6 / 5
Zoho Meeting
★★★★★4.6 / 5
Zoho Meeting
★★★★★9.0 / 10
Zoho Meeting
★★★★★4.9 / 5
Online meetings on-the-go!

Online meetings on-the-go!

Join online meetings and webinars from your mobile devices using the Zoho Meeting iOS and Android apps. Sign into our dedicated mobile apps to view and launch your upcoming meetings, share your screen, and collaborate with video in real time.

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A secure online meeting platform for remote teams.

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What is an online meeting?

An online meeting is a cloud-based conference that allows two or more individuals to connect and collaborate with each other remotely using an online meeting software. It can be defined as a virtual gathering where teams can discuss and exchange ideas regardless of the location. It can range from a small-scale gathering to large-scale conferences, enabling people to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

Online meeting software is a virtual platform that empowers participants to engage in real-time audio and video communication, and stay connected regardless of physical location. You can launch instant online meetings, schedule web meetings, and broadcast webinars from a virtual meeting software.

What is a webinar and how does it work?

Webinars are virtual group events that involve an organizer communicating and broadcasting to a set of attendees. The organizer can broadcast presentations and conduct interactive training sessions with the help of features like polls, Q&A sessions, etc.

Attendees can sign up for the webinar, submit questions to the organizer, and interact with the polls to get the most out of the webinar sessions.

What are the differences between a meeting and a webinar?

  • Meetings are typically collaborative events where the host and participants engage equally using the online meeting software. They're conducted by a host and attended by participants to connect and collaborate over the web meeting software.
  • Webinars are online group events where an organizer broadcasts presentations and training sessions to a selected group of attendees. They're informative sessions on a particular subject that are broadcast to invited attendees. Webinars can be used for remote business presentations, training sessions in educational institutions, etc.

How to host an online meeting?

You can host seamless online meetings and collaborate with your business teams by proper planning,

  • Create a meeting agenda
  • Schedule and invite participants
  • Share screen and collaborate in real time
  • Engage participants with polls and Q&A
  • Track detailed meeting analytics post session

How do I join an online meeting?

You can join online meetings as a participant using the joining link shared by the host via email or chat. If you have the meeting key, you can access our join page or use our dedicated desktop application. You can also utilize our iOS and Android mobile apps to join online meetings.

What are the benefits of web meetings?

  • Remote collaboration is made possible with online meeting platforms, allowing people to be virtually connected quickly and easily.
  • Online meetings help save time and effort that goes into conducting in-person meetings.
  • Screen sharing and presenting is easier over online meetings, which helps ensure everyone is on the same page.

What are the different types of online meetings?

There are three types of online meetings:

  • Audio conferencing - Audio conferencing is an audio-only meeting that are suitable for brief sessions.
  • Video conferencing - Video conferencing is an audio and video conferencing sessions ideal for large meetings over longer periods.
  • Web conferencing - Web conferencing is an umbrella term for audio and video conferencing solutions with a presenter sharing their screen and collaborating with meeting participants.

Why do remote teams need an online meeting tool?

Online meeting platforms help remote teams communicate and collaborate efficiently, without being present in the same location. They can present ideas and interact over audio and video using online meeting software.

Remote work can be managed effectively with enterprise features like organization management, custom domains, and co-branding. With hybrid work models gaining pace, online meeting platforms can help you get the most out of remote workspaces.

Who uses online meeting platforms?

Online meeting tools are used extensively by various sectors, from small businesses to large enterprises, NGOs, and even government organizations. Some noted sectors include:

  • Personal use - Individuals use online meeting tools as one-stop solution for meetings, video calls, and other personal conferencing needs.
  • Businesses - Both in-house and remote business teams use online meeting software frequently to interact and collaborate with colleagues and clients from all over the world.
  • Educational institutions - Schools and training centers have adopted online classes to teach and connect with students using online meeting platforms.

What are the key features of online meeting software tools?

Some of the key features that every online meeting software should have are:

How do I attend a webinar on Zoho Meeting?

Organizers will send you invitations to join their webinars. They'll promote these webinars through email and social media. If you're one of their invitees, you can easily enroll and attend yourself.

Zoho Meeting is available across devices. So you can attend webinars from your browser, our desktop application, or by using our dedicated mobile apps.

How can organizers and attendees interact in a Zoho Meeting webinar?

Zoho Meeting has features like polls, Q&A, and hand raising to allow seamless interaction between the organizer and the webinar attendees. Attendees can use the raise hand feature to grab the attention of the organizer, as well as interact with any polls.

Attendees can submit relevant questions in the Q&A section, which will then be answered by the organizer either in private or during the webinar.

What makes Zoho Meeting the best online meeting software for video conferencing and webinar?

Zoho Meeting provides seamless audio and video conferencing features for all your meeting and webinar needs. You can become a presenter and share your screen to collaborate with other participants in meetings. And with the ability to lock meetings, you can be sure your sessions are secure.

With high-quality video webinars, you can effectively broadcast presentations and conduct training sessions to large audiences — and once the webinar is over, you can analyze the session using webinar reports

How secure are web meetings and webinars in Zoho Meeting?

Our online meeting software is protected by DTLS-SRTP encryption with the latest TLS 1.2 protocols. The host has moderator controls to conduct secure meetings by locking meetings, muting and unmuting participants, and more.

With Zoho Meeting, users can enable Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) for their account, which gives an extra level of security against brute force attacks. Learn more about Zoho Meeting's security and privacy.

Do I need an account to use Zoho Meeting?

If you're a participant joining a meeting, you don't need to have a Zoho Meeting account. You can join either by using the meeting link or by entering the meeting key and password.

However, if you want to host a meeting or conduct a webinar, you need to in advance.