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Why use Zoho Meeting?

  • Simple to use and easily scalable
  • 24/7 support
  • Industry-standard security
  • Enterprise level experience for all
  • Interactive collaboration tools
  • Affordable, no hidden pricing structure
  • Deep integration with Zoho's ecosystem and other major third-party services

Online Meeting Platform

Conduct video meetings

Convey your ideas better and build trust through video conferencing.

Share your screen

Add context to your discussions by sharing documents and presentations through screen sharing.

Record and share meetings

Record, replay, and share recordings with members who missed your meeting or download the recording for offline use.

Protect and moderate meetings

Host secure web conferencing sessions by locking your meetings. Mute participants or remove them when they no longer need to be a part of your discussion.

Online meeting platforms - Zoho Meeting
Join online meetings from mobile devices - Zoho Meeting

Webinar Solution

Broadcast video webinars

Host live webinars and share multiple video feeds with your audience as you present. Share your screen, an application window, or another monitor’s screen to support your presentation.

Customize emails and forms

Customize registration forms, send webinar emails, and moderate attendees. Persuade attendees to take action by directing them to any web page you want after a webinar.

Interact with your audience

Launch instant audience polls, answer questions through live Q&A, let attendees get your attention through the Raise Hand option, and encourage them to speak and present with Allow to talk and Make presenter features.

View webinar data and download reports

Get comprehensive reports on webinar registrations, attendees, engagement, polls, and Q&As. Download and document your data in XLS and CSV formats.

Online meetings with audio, video & screen sharing - Zoho Meeting
Join meetings and webinars from mobile - Zoho Meeting

How Zoho Meeting keeps you secure online

Zoho Meeting is committed to protecting your privacy and your data while you conduct online meetings using audio, video, and screen sharing. Zoho Meeting offers multiple security features to keep your meetings safe from disruption, such as the Lock Meetings function, organization-level video settings, and entry/exit notifications. Zoho Meeting also encrypts audio, video, and screen sharing data to keep your information safe as it travels through the internet.

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Conduct online meetings and organize webinars from other Zoho apps.

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Awards and Reviews

One of the best-rated solutions for online meetings and webinars.

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An online meeting app for instant collaboration - Zoho meeting
An online meeting app for instant collaboration - Zoho meeting

“Very useful meeting tools, as we use for Zoho for our CRM and accounts, it was an easy choice to use Zoho Meeting as well. Very good for remote demo’s.”

Tolik Rozensteins

Business Development Manager, Security & Vetting Solutions Ltd

“We now have several weekly team meetings that allow everyone to be in sync with each other. And for our customers we have created a series of live webinars and group meetings where they can speak directly with our team and learn about raising solitary bees.”

Karl Alexander

Marketing Director, Crown Bees

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Online meetings on-the-go!

Join meetings and webinars from your mobile devices using the Zoho Meeting iOS and Android apps. Sign into the iOS app to view and launch your upcoming meetings, share your screen and collaborate with video.

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An online meeting app for instant collaboration - Zoho meeting
An online meeting app for instant collaboration - Zoho meeting