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Engage and train audiences worldwide through live webinars. Deliver presentations, record sessions, and download useful reports. Meet online securely to discuss, present, and collaborate from different locations.

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Webinars and online meetings

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Influence, train, and engage your online audiences.

  •  Plan and promote your webinars

    Organize webinars and promote them on your website, community, or blog. Personalize your registration forms and emails by adding your company logo. Learn more about your attendees with custom fields on your registration forms.

  •  Add co-organizers and moderate your audience

    Add your colleagues or guest speakers as co-organizers so they can present with you, answer attendees questions, and launch polls. Automatically accept all registrations or manually moderate your registrants. Accept, deny, or cancel registrations to filter your audience and prevent spam.

  •  Present with audio, video, and screen sharing

    Host live video webinars and share your screen, an application window, or another monitor's screen to support your presentation. Use your computer's microphone and speakers for audio, or dial one of our local or toll-free numbers to connect through your phone.

  •  Engage your audience

    Launch audience polls during your webinar and view results instantly. Answer questions through Q&A or let attendees use Raise Hand to get your attention. Encourage your attendees to speak and present in your webinar with Allow to talk and Make presenter.

  •  Record, replay, reuse

    Extend the life of your webinar by recording and sharing it with anyone you want. Store your recordings on the cloud or download them for offline use, and replay them whenever you want. 

  •  View webinar data and export reports

    Zoho Meeting gives you comprehensive reports on webinar registrations, attendees, engagement, polls, and Q&A. Download and document your data in XLS and CSV formats.



Collaborate from anywhere with real-time audio, video, remote control, and screen sharing.

  •  Conduct secure meetings with privacy

    Lock your meetings to conduct important discussions online with no intrusions. Zoho Meeting helps maintain your privacy by offering all participants' cameras in default disabled mode. In Zoho Meeting, all transmissions are encrypted with industry-standard SSL/128-bit AES protocols.

  •  Send emails, get RSVPs and embed meeting links 

    Easily send email invitations with all the information attendees need—topic, agenda, date, time, joining link, access code, and dial-in numbers—for your online meeting. Embed meeting links on your organization's website to let members join ongoing meetings. Set up reminders and get RSVP responses from participants.

  •  Hold discussions over audio, video, and chat

    Use computer audio (VoIP) or phone audio for your online meetings. Use dial-in and toll-free numbers to join meetings from places with poor internet connectivity. Convey ideas better and build trust through video meetings. Use chat to send messages to all participants.

  •  Present with screen sharing and remote control

    Share your screen or an application with all participants in a meeting to show a presentation or analyze a document. Obtain remote control over a shared screen to collaborate or to troubleshoot technical issues.

  •  Manage live meetings

    Steer the course of your meeting with moderator controls. Lock meetings, mute individuals or all participants, or remove participants to collaborate more securely. Let any participant share their screen and present in your meeting.

  •  Record, replay, share, and download

    Record the proceedings of your meeting and store them on the cloud. Replay recordings online, share them with members who could not make it to the meeting, or download for offline use.



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Chandra Sekar CJManager Compliance, Associate Business Service, India.

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