Video conferencing for remote teams

Our fully featured video conferencing software, Zoho Meeting, enables you to collaborate with your team in real time with video, audio, and screen sharing. Zoho Meeting is the best video conferencing tool you can use with a user-friendly UI, organization controls, and in-meeting security features to protect privacy.

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Video meetings

Communicate thoughts and articulate ideas better through video conferencing. Use your desktop camera or an external camera for video meetings and build consensus through face-to-face collaboration, leaving no space for confusion or ambiguity.

Multiple video feeds

View everyone in your online video conferencing session simultaneously through multiple video feeds. With Zoho Meeting, you can have up to 100 participants in one meeting, with 24 active video feeds at a time shown on your screen.

Secure video meeting software

Zoho Meeting is a secure video conferencing solution that puts your privacy first. Zoho Meeting will always request your permission before enabling your web camera and transmitting your video. Your audio and video are encrypted using DTLS-SRTP encryption. We also follow the latest TLS protocol version 1.2 and use certificates issued by SHA 256.

Screen sharing and chat

Share your screen to add context to your presentation during video meetings. Share a document with all meeting participants or deliver a slide presentation if you want. You can easily use the chat feature to send messages or links to everyone in a meeting.

Cost-effective video conferencing solution

Video conferencing helps your organization cut costs on traveling and helps employees work safely from their homes. With our affordable rates and easy adoption for the organization level, Zoho Meeting is one of the best video conferencing solutions for small businesses.

Web video conferencing

Zoho Meeting is a web-based video conferencing software that does not require any downloads. You can start and join meetings right from your browser, share your screen, and collaborate from anywhere you want.

Choose Zoho Meeting for your video conferencing needs