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Our fully featured video conferencing software enables you to collaborate with your team in real-time using video, audio, and screen sharing. Zoho Meeting is the best online video conferencing platform with a user-friendly interface, interactive controls, and mobile video conferencing support available at an affordable price.

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Key features of video meeting solution


Online video meetings

Communicate, collaborate, and articulate ideas better through online video conferencing. Use your desktop camera or an external camera for online video meetings and build consensus through face-to-face collaboration, leaving no space for confusion or ambiguity.


Multiple video feeds

View everyone in your online video conferencing sessions simultaneously through multiple video feeds. With Zoho Meeting, you can have up to 250 participants in your virtual meeting, with 50 active video feeds at a time shown on your screen.


Secure video meeting software

Put your privacy first and secure your online video meetings with Zoho Meeting's secure online video conferencing platform. With Zoho Meeting, your audio and video feeds are encrypted using DTLS-SRTP encryption, and we will always request your permission before enabling your web camera and transmitting your video. We also follow the latest TLS protocol version 1.2 and use certificates issued by SHA 256.


Seamless remote collaboration

Share your screen to add context to your presentation during video meetings. Share a document, in PDF, PPT, or video format, with all meeting participants or deliver a slide presentation if required. You can also use the in-session chat feature to send messages or links to everyone present in a meeting for efficient remote collaboration.


Cost-effective video conferencing software

Initiate instant meetings and experience smooth video conference connectivity at an affordable price using Zoho Meeting's video conferencing app. By video conferencing online, you can cut down on expenses and allow employees to work safely from home. With affordable pricing and seamless video connectivity, Zoho Meeting is one of the best online video conferencing solutions for small businesses.


Web video conferencing

Start, schedule, and join free online meetings directly from your browser and collaborate in real time with your business teams using Zoho Meeting's best video conferencing software in the market. Our web conferencing software is entirely browser-based and does not require any downloads.


High-quality meeting recordings

Record, replay, and share online meeting recordings. Zoho Meeting's video conferencing software lets you record online meetings that captures audio, video, and screen sharing. Organization admin has access to play, download, and share meeting recordings with participants if necessary.


Real-time visual collaboration

Zoho Meeting lets you collaborate with your meeting participants in real time using the whiteboard feature. Brainstorm ideas, prepare flowcharts, insert images, summarize meetings, and do much more over one common meeting whiteboard. Also, you get to save your whiteboard with the click of a button.

Why choose Zoho Meeting for all your video conferencing needs

Zoho meeting

Webinar video conferencing

Host large-scale webcasting events with live video and audio conferencing without breaking a sweat. Learn more about how to webcast your remote meetings.

Virtual video meeting platform

Conduct interactive, face-to-face video meetings in real time using video, audio, and screen sharing. Learn more about our video conferencing app.

Mobile video meeting app

Start video meetings from anywhere, and join meetings and webinars directly from your mobile device. Communicate through real-time video calls and collaborate efficiently with our free online video meeting app. Learn more about mobile online video meeting platforms here.

Audio conferencing

Collaborate with your peers through audio-only remote meetings and enable your video feed when required. Learn more about audio conferencing here.

Free video conferencing software for secure business meetings

With Zoho Meeting's free video conferencing solution, small businesses can cut down on expenses and conduct effective online meetings for free. You can host video conferences for up to 24 hours and use the following features:

  • Share the entire screen, a particular application, or a Chrome tab with your meeting participants.
  • Communicate with meeting participants seamlessly using in-session chat and file sharing.
  • Collaborate over a real-time whiteboard to brainstorm and jot down new points and concepts.
  • Enjoy a disturbance-free, professional video feed on your online meetings using virtual backgrounds.
  • Analyze and monitor participant engagement over your past sessions using Analytics tab.
Free Video Conferencing
Connect using Zoho Meeting's desktop app

Seamless video conferencing using Zoho Meeting's desktop app

Use Zoho Meeting's desktop app for video conferencing and seamlessly connect with the online meeting participants. Learn more about our desktop app 

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Collaborate with your team on-the-go!

Use Zoho Meeting for iOS and Android and conduct video conferences from your mobile phone.

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Free video meeting online - Zoho Meeting
Quick access with our browser extensions

Quick-start meetings using browser extensions

Use Zoho Meeting's browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to launch online meetings quickly and collaborate over web video conferencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is technology where in video telephony protocols are implemented to achieve the transmission and reception of audio-video signals simultaneously. Zoho meeting, being the best video conferencing software allows you to communicate with your peers in real time with efficacy.

02. How does video conferencing work?

Video conferencing online enables people from different locations to collaborate through real-time audio and video transmission. This process is brought about by technology that captures and transfers visual information from webcams and audio signals from computer and telephone systems.

03. Who can use video conferencing software?

Anyone who's looking for real-time communication and collaboration with their peers, teams, colleagues, trainees, customers, partners, or business stakeholders should consider using video conferencing software.

04. What are the benefits of video conferencing solutions?

Video conferencing empowers people to overcome geographical distances and collaborate in a shared online space to come up with ideas, work on projects, and make decisions together. It negates the need for travelling long and short distances to meet in person, thus cutting travel costs for organizations that are spread across the world.

05. What are the features to look for in video conferencing software in 2024?

The key features to look for in video conferencing software are those that facilitate real-time online collaboration. These include multiple video feeds, seamless screen sharing, in-session chat, and remote access. It is also important to assess the security features that a web video conferencing software offers. Zoho Meeting securely encrypts your audio and video data furthermore offering features like password protection and locked meetings to keep your sessions secure.

06. Does Zoho Meeting offer free video conferencing service?

Yes. Zoho Meeting offers free video conferencing for up to 60 minutes with 100 participants. You can avail features such as to add co-hosts, virtual backgrounds, and whiteboards to experience seamless free video conferencing calls with your colleagues.

07. Is online video conferencing secure?

Zoho Meeting's online video conferencing software uses the latest TLS 1.2, 256-bit AES protocols to secure your online video meetings. You can initiate your online video meetings directly from your web-based console without the need for additional downloads.

08. How many people can join a video conference session in Zoho Meeting?

Using the free edition of Zoho Meeting, up to 100 participants can collaborate through online video conferencing sessions. In the paid Meeting edition, you can conduct sessions with up to 50 video feeds. In the webinar edition, up to 5000 attendees (including organizers and co-organizers) can join video conferencing sessions.

Choose Zoho Meeting, the best free video conferencing software.