Web conferencing software for business communication

Web conferencing software is a powerful tool that revolutionizes the way business teams communicate and collaborate. By providing instant access to online meetings and webinars, it transcends geographical barriers, allowing participants to connect without interruption—wherever they are.

Incorporating audio, video, and state-of-the-art collaborative features, Zoho Meeting's web conferencing software transforms virtual interactions into engaging experiences.

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Why should you choose
a web conferencing software?

Thanks to digital transformation, web conferencing software empowers businesses to elevate their virtual meetings and webinars to new heights. Embrace the future of online collaboration, where connectivity, communication, and productivity converge for a more connected and efficient workspace. Empower your team with the web meeting tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

How do you choose a
web conferencing software?

When choosing the right web conferencing software for your organization, consider factors such as the number of participants, collaboration features, and overall security. Here’s a list of must-have functionalities to get you started with your web meeting software:

HD video and audio:

Ensure a high-quality and seamless video conferencing experience with meeting participants through crystal-clear audio and video.

Screen sharing:

Empower participants to collaborate easily irrespective of their location by sharing screens, documents, and whiteboards.

Real-time chat:

Foster real-time communication through the in-session chat, which enables quick discussions without disrupting the flow of the meeting.

Security measures:

Prioritize meeting platforms with robust security features to protect sensitive information, ensuring a secure environment for web meetings.

How do you choose a web conferencing software?
Why is Zoho Meeting the best web conferencing software

Why is Zoho Meeting the best web conferencing software?

AI-powered accessibility

In a complex and interconnected world, Zoho Meeting's web-based video conferencing with meeting transcriptions enables teams to collaborate across borders, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity.


Say goodbye to the expenses spent on travel and organizing offline meetings. Get started with our web-conferencing software's paid plans and conduct meetings from as low as $1.

Seamless collaboration

Our affordable web conferencing software offers a range of collaborative features, including screen sharing, online whiteboards, and document collaboration, to foster teamwork and creativity.

Built-in integrations

With integrations across the Zoho ecosystem, our online meeting software acts as a unified solution for all of your business needs. You also get a range of third-party integrations with your day-to-day apps.

State-of-the-art security

Following the latest TLS 1.2 protocol and SHA 256 certificates, Zoho Meeting encrypts meeting audio and video on both ends. You can also lock your web meetings and approve participants only upon request.

Centralized hub for files

Zoho Meeting Files, a one-stop files library, offers a convenient space to access all of your video conferencing recordings and documents. You can upload, browse, and share all relevant documents from one dedicated place.

“The process of switching and getting used to Zoho Meeting was smooth and without any issues. The user interface was and still is very intuitive.”

Zoho Meeting
Vinko TosevskiFounder, Psephisma Health
Why is Zoho Meeting the best web conferencing software

The benefits of using a web and video conferencing software

Increased productivity

The synchronous nature of web-based video conferencing leads to faster decision-making and improved project timelines, ultimately boosting overall productivity.

Enhanced communication

Face-to-face video interactions bridge the gap created by virtual environments, fostering better understanding and strengthening professional relationships.


Embrace the freedom to host or join web meetings and webinars from any location, promoting remote work and providing flexibility in scheduling.


Whether it's a one-on-one discussion or a large-scale webinar, web conferencing software accommodates meetings of various sizes, making it suitable for diverse organizational needs.

Frequently asked questions

What is a web conferencing software?

Web conferencing software is an umbrella term for technology that enables real-time online meetings and video webinars, allowing participants to connect virtually. It typically combines audio, video, and collaborative tools to facilitate communication and collaboration among individuals or groups.

What are the requirements for using a web conferencing software?

To use web conferencing software effectively, users typically need a reliable internet connection, a compatible device, and a supported web browser or dedicated application. Additionally, having a webcam and microphone enhances the overall meeting experience through video and audio interactions.

Can web conferencing software accommodate different meeting sizes and types?

Yes, web conferencing software is designed to be scalable and flexible. Zoho Meeting can accommodate a wide range of meeting sizes, from one-on-one discussions to large-scale webinars or virtual conferences. Users can choose a subscription plan that suits their specific meeting requirements and organizational needs.

What features can I expect from a free web conferencing software?

Zoho Meeting's free online meeting software empowers you to conduct web meetings for free up to 60 minutes with 100 participants. Our free edition also comes with features such as screen sharing, file sharing, virtual backgrounds, and collaborative whiteboard.

How do I choose the best web conferencing software for small business?

You should consider factors such as your business budget, the number of participants you anticipate having in meetings, required features, ease of use, and customer support reputation when choosing a web conferencing solution for small business.

The best web conferencing software for business.
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