Easy Integration with Other Services


Better Collaboration with Zoho Meeting Integration

Zoho Meeting provides easy to use integration options with other Zoho Services, which helps you offer a better online collaboration service to your remote participants. From Zoho Meeting, you can instantly chat with your participants and share your presentations online. Host web meetings, share your desktop, present online, and collaborate with anyone you want.

Integration with Zoho Chat

We have integrated Zoho Meeting in Zoho Chat. This means, while chatting with your participants in Zoho Chat, if you have a need to share your desktop with other users, you can do so with a single click. As Zoho Chat is integrated with multiple IM Networks (Yahoo, Google, MSN, AIM, ICQ & Jabber), you can share your desktop with users from any IM networks.

Integration with Zoho CRM

Zoho Meeting is contextually integrated into Zoho CRM. When you search for a contact in Zoho CRM, you’ll see an option on the right to start a quick one-on-one meeting with that user in just a click. As Zoho Meeting is free for one-on-one meetings, you need not be a paid Zoho Meeting user to try this functionality.

Integration with Google Apps

Zoho Meeting for Google Apps provides an easy opportunity to synchronize your meeting experience with Google Apps. If your Google Apps account is enabled with Super Administrator role, then you can activate this application for your organization. Organization members can access Zoho Meeting easily from Google's universal navigation. This application offers seamless integration with your Google Calendar and helps you to invite your Google Apps users to a scheduled meeting.

Integration with Google Calendar

Zoho Meeting is seamlessly integrated with Google Calendar so that you can keep track of all your scheduled meetings from your Google Calendar App. It adds the scheduled meeting details as an event in your Google Calendar. When you invite your Participants with their Gmail account, the calendar event will be added for that meeting to their Google Calendar. This makes easy for you and your Participants to meet at the right time.

Integration with Zoho Calendar

Zoho Meeting is integrated with Zoho Calendar, such that all your scheduled meetings will be added as an event in your Zoho Calendar. This helps you keep track of your meetings scheduled, avoid eleventh-hour frenzy and meet your customers at the right time.

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