Take notes during meetings

Collaborate better and save time with the Zoho Meeting and Zoho notebook integration. Take notes during online meetings by clicking the Note icon. Write minutes, format them using the available formatting options, add lists, and more. You can also organize your notes right away by assigning them to notebooks within Meeting.

Zoho Meeting

Associate or dissociate notes

Keep your notes more organized by associating them with the corresponding meeting. You can associate or dissociate related notes to a meeting. By doing this, you can access the notes relevant to a specific meeting without having to search for them in the list of notes. You can also view the associated notes in Zoho Notebook.

Zoho Meeting

View your notes

You can open any related notes during a meeting. This will be useful if you need to review any ideas or action items discussed earlier during the meeting. Simply open Zoho Meeting and go to your previous meetings, click the Note icon under Resources. Your associated notes for that meeting will be displayed.

Zoho Meeting

Share your notes

After the meeting has ended, you can view your notes in the meeting summary or from Zoho Notebook. Open the note that you want to share and click the Share icon. For non-Zoho users, the notes can be shared as text through email and other apps. You can download your notes as a .txt file after the meeting has ended.

Zoho Meeting

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