Web conferencing software for online collaboration and remote work

Everything you need, from online meetings for remote collaboration to real-time webinar platform for engaging your customers, is here. Web conferencing encompasses a wide range of collaboration techniques over the web: video conferencing, screen sharing, and webinars. Get all of this in a single web-based solution that requires no downloads: Zoho Meeting.

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Web Conferencing - Zoho Meeting

Web conferencing for
remote work

Getting work done remotely requires continuous collaboration with your team members. Stay up to date on your team's progress through web conferencing while they work from different locations on multiple projects. Collaborate with up to 100 participants through audio, video, screen sharing, and remote control access.


Web based
video conferencing

Conduct real-time face-to-face collaboration through video conferencing directly from your browser. Zoho Meeting is a browser-based web conferencing platform, which means you can conduct online meetings and webinars without downloading software.


Web video conferencing with screen sharing

Share your screen to collaborate better with your team during video meetings and smoothly deliver presentations during webinars. Share your entire screen to let your collaborators view multiple windows as you navigate through them or just share the single app you want to work together on.


Secure web conferencing

Conduct meetings and webinars securely online using encrypted audio transmission, video conferencing, and screen sharing. Zoho Meeting employs multiple measures to protect your data as you conduct web conferencing sessions. Learn more.


web conferencing tool

Web conferencing enables your organization to reduce traveling costs and provides a safe atmosphere for employees to work from home. With our affordable rates and easy adoption at the organization level, Zoho Meeting is one of the best web conferencing solutions for small businesses.


Mobile friendly
web conferencing platform

Join meetings and webinars from anywhere you want using the Zoho Meeting iOS and Android apps. View and start web conferencing sessions from your scheduled meetings list or create new meetings on the go. Learn more about our mobile apps.


Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is web conferencing?

Web conferencing includes many forms of online conferencing, such as online meetings, video conferencing, and webinars. Web conferencing software allows multiple people to come together online to collaborate through audio, video, screen sharing or broadcasting services.

02. Why is Zoho Meeting the best web conferencing software for your needs?

With Zoho Meeting, you can conduct online meetings with your team and host webinars for your customers, partners, or any other audience. Zoho Meeting allows you to collaborate through computer audio, phone audio, real-time video conferencing, and screen sharing. You can even record your sessions for later use. It is also a budget-friendly web conferencing solution for your organization's needs.

Collaborate effortlessly on the web using the industry's best web conferencing software.

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