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Audio conferencing is a remote communication technology that enables multiple people to collaborate over the internet without any hassle. With Zoho Meeting's unique audio and teleconferencing technology, you can easily connect with your peers and carry out your daily work and life stress-free.

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What is audio conferencing?

Audio conferencing is a communication method that allows multiple individuals to speak with each other over the internet or telephone simultaneously. Using audio conferencing software, users can connect via a conference or telephone bridge protocol for remote communication. This technology is distinct from traditional phone calls, where users are connected to a centralized system.

Why use Zoho Meeting for your audio conferencing needs?

Audio conferencing solutions are designed to connect individuals with their peers simultaneously. With Zoho Meeting's audio conferencing service, you can collaborate seamlessly, share content, and communicate more effectively.

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We looked at a wide range of web conferencing options and Zoho Meeting was the clear choice. The value, flexible audio options, and ease-of-use were the key criteria. The service meets our needs perfectly!

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Zoho Meeting: Your go-to audio conferencing service

Meeting access at your convenience

Zoho Meeting's audio conference solution is a browser-based voice conferencing service that adheres to WebRTC standards. It offers single-click audio meeting entry and exit using your handheld devices, PCs, laptops, and workstations for seamless audio connectivity.

Seamless audio connectivity

Meeting works with the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). so you can simply use your computer's built-in microphone and speaker. It also offers seamless bridging between computer audio and phone dial-in. Conduct audio meetings using the secure dial-in numbers we offer for more than 55 countries and purchase the toll-free add-on if needed.

Quick access meeting controls

Start your audio meeting, mute your line, switch to your choice of audio, and more in a flash using our quick access meeting tools for audio conferencing.


Cut back on travel expenses and collaborate remotely using our intuitive and affordable audio meeting solution.

Comprehensive analytics

Analyze your audio meetings by revisiting your recorded meeting sessions, and generate reports to track your workplace performance.


Add a personal touch to your audio meetings by embedding your meeting links on your website so your audience can easily join your audio meetings directly.

How to setup an audio conference?

While you can launch instant audio conferencing sessions with a click of a button, let's look at a step-by-step approach on how to schedule one.

How to setup an audio conference using Zoho Meeting

Step 1:Log in to Zoho Meeting. If you don't have an account yet, sign up now.

Step 2:Click Schedule to set up your meeting.

Step 3:Choose Audio Conferencing as the Meeting Type and enter essential details such as Title, Date, Time, and Duration.

Step 4:Invite relevant participants for the audio-only discussion by entering their email addresses.

Step 5:Explore More Options to schedule recurring meetings and create session reminders.

Step 6:Click Schedule to finish the setup.

Benefits of audio conferencing in business communication

Quick and flexible work calls

Connect with your team over audio-only feeds and avoid the hassle of setting up a video conferencing session. Provide the necessary flexibility for remote teams to connect from anywhere and anytime without worrying about video feeds.

Connect without interruptions

Due to its lower bandwidth requirements, remote teams can seamlessly connect over audio conferencing without worrying about interruptions. While video feeds require high-speed internet, audio conferencing can save your day for quick work calls.

Secure online audio conferencing for confidential discussions

Feeling apprehensive about having confidential discussions online? Don't worry. Zoho Meeting's audio conferencing lines are protected by TLS 1.2 protocols and use a highly secure WebRTC Multipoint conferencing unit-based architecture. Customer data at rest is encrypted using the latest 256-bit AES encryption standards. Plus, to keep malicious intruders at bay, Zoho Meeting offers a unique dial-in code feature in addition to the phone number.
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Remote collaboration made affordable with Zoho Meeting

At Zoho Meeting, we believe that remote collaboration tools should be affordable for everyone. That's why we offer a lifetime free edition of Meeting with all the essential features you need to conduct your audio meetings. With our audio conferencing solution, you can also add toll-free numbers as an add-on to your account based on your organizational preferences.
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Pros and cons of audio conferencing

Audio conferencing service - Zoho Meeting


Enjoy the convenience of connecting with your remote team instantly without any visual distractions. Audio conferencing provides flexibility for attending calls from anywhere at any time, making it ideal for on-the-go collaboration.

Using audio conferencing saves businesses the cost and effort required to set up a video conferencing session. It is a cost-effective way to conduct meetings as audio meetings can be held at a fraction of the cost of video conferencing.


Audio-only meetings may make remote teams feel slightly disconnected, especially for those who are accustomed to in-person meetings. Some individuals may have difficulty adapting to remote audio-only sessions, potentially leading to reduced engagement and productivity.

Requirements for effective audio conferencing

Take note of these must haves to make your audio conferencing session a success.

  • A standard network connection for seamless audio communication.
  • Quality microphone with noise and echo cancellation, and automatic controls for clear audio input.
  • Reliable built-in or external speaker(s) for quality audio output.
  • A unified platform that offers dial-in and toll-free numbers for joining meetings over telephone.
  • Requirements for effective audio conferencing
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. What is audio conferencing software?

    Audio conferencing software enables multiple people to be part of a virtual meeting or discussion using their device's audio capabilities. It empowers remote teams to efficiently connect and collaborate over a telephone bridge protocol instead of relying on video feeds.

    02. Can I set up video conferencing at home?

    You can set up audio and video conferencing at home with a video-conferencing application like Zoho Meeting, an efficient video-conferencing tool for personal or business use.

    03. Does Zoho Meeting offer a free audio meeting plan?

    Yes, we offer free online meeting solution. Using Zoho Meeting's audio conferencing solution, you can conduct free audio and video conferencing with a maximum of 100 participants for up to 60 minutes per session.

    04. How much does audio conferencing cost?

    Zoho Meeting's audio conferencing software comes with two subscription plans, namely Standard and Professional, starting as low as $1. Our pricing will rightly suit your growing business needs and will empower you with features such as to lock and record your audio conferences.

    05. Is online audio conferencing secure?

    Yes. Zoho Meeting's audio conference solution uses the state of the art TLS 1.2, 256-bit AES protocols to secure the audio meetings on both host and participant ends. Zoho Meeting also lets you enable Two-factor authentication for added security.

    06. What are the features to look for in audio conferencing platform in 2023?

    Some of the must-have features for an audio conferencing platform include quality voice protocol, session recording, dial-in numbers, and embedding links. It's also important to choose an affordable platform that meets your requirements.

    07. Can I join audio conferencing sessions using dial-in numbers?

    Yes. Zoho Meeting's audio conferencing service provides area-specific dial-in numbers to quickly join meetings using a mobile phone. Paid subscribers can make use of these local dial-in numbers to seamlessly connect to audio meetings.

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