Perfect Online Meeting Solution for Everyone

Unlimited free online meetings, easy screen sharing, no downloads for Participants and other meeting tools make it perfectly fit for all.

What makes it easy for you and your meeting Participants?

Starting an instant meeting is just a click away and screen sharing happens in a few seconds. No downloads no installation no big joining procedure needed. Your Participants need not be a computer geek, anyone can join the meeting just by clicking an email link.

This is how Zoho Meeting becomes very favourite online meeting tool for Thomas Antolin to run his business successfully.

" Zoho meeting works every time, which is remarkable since I work with so many clients. Even for those of whom are not particularly computer literate, they are able to link to meet with me online with ease. This remarkable tool helps save me gas and time. It also enhances my status as professional. Great tool! "

Why would you choose Zoho Meeting amongst the vastly available web meeting tools?

Simple and easy online meetings are unlimited, works like a charm across multiple platforms, ability to embed and meet conveniently from your own website or blog, changing Presenter during meeting is a breeze, easy collaboration by allowing any Participant to remote control your PC, share your ideas with instant chat messenger, host controlled audio conferencing. Upon all these wonderful features, it is affordable to you.

Michel Nauwelaers from CuReMa says, "Nice and simple solution to perform online meetings. It is a great addition to our toolset."

Who would choose this online meeting solution?

Be it an individual, productive teams in small business, sales demo for customers in large entrepreneur, training for students, Zoho Meeting is perfect online meeting software for all.

Unlike other meeting tools, it is free for both personal and commercial use. Quite a straight-forward and affordable pricing without any hidden fees.

" So cool to meet with my German student, be able to show her the assignment she was having trouble with! " shares Sherima from an educational organisation after conducting online meeting with her student.

From Small Business to Large Entrepreneur found their best Online Meeting Solution.

How to make your meetings better and simpler?

" It was easy to share and the lag was MUCH less than other services. Good quality. " says Sheri from Holistic Business Solutions LLC

The simplest and quickest way to host meeting, browser-based viewer to join meeting across platforms, secure and proxy friendly connection without any lags, swapping screen sharing in a jiffy, quick launch from windows desktop, multiple languages and time zones support and all other advanced features make your meetings like a pro.

How secure your meetings will be?

Security is taken care of in almost all aspects, be it screen sharing to Participants, switching Presenters during meeting, invoking remote control to a Participant, everything happens only with the Presenter's approval.

The connection process is a breeze whatever be the firewall or proxy configuration at both ends. It also doesn't compromise internet security, though.

Paula Atherill from Creative Analysis Ltd shares her experience with Zoho Meeting after giving a demo to her client " Good quality sharing without any drop out in this 1-hour session "

Don't miss out any meetings

Get the track of scheduled meetings at your convenience with calendar integration and email reminder setting. Add meetings to your favourite calendar, get reminded by email at your preferred duration before the meeting scheduled time and meet your customers at the right time.

Jesus Alex Arce shares his experience with Zoho Meeting as "Easy and painless to use. Love it! "

Go global and act locally

Your clients may be located anywhere in the world with whatever time zone and language, make the meetings convenient to them with flexible time zone and language settings for your web meetings.

" Easy to use for my clients. " says Nancy Scull from DEBT FREE ANGELS.

Handle your meetings like a pro and grow business smarter!