Screen sharing for online collaboration

Collaborate with your team and deliver training sessions remotely through free screen sharing. Zoho Meeting, one of the industry’s best screen sharing software, is affordable and easy to use. You can use the screen sharing capability of Zoho Meeting for both online meetings and webinars.

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Screen sharing meeting software - Zoho Meeting

Share entire screen or app windows

Share your entire screen or only a select application window with other participants. By sharing only an application window, the rest of your screen—including the applications you use, your desktop wallpaper, or any open browser tabs —will not be visible to others in your meeting.


Secure remote screen sharing software

Screen sharing is encrypted in Zoho Meeting, on both the presenters’ and participants’ ends. On the presenter’s end, screen sharing is encrypted through WebRTC and uses DTLS-SRTP encryption. On the participants’ end, screen sharing is encrypted using the TLS 1.2 protocol.


Record screen sharing

In Zoho Meeting, screen sharing is captured in meeting recordings along with the audio. This helps you recap your meetings or easily catch up on the discussions you missed. Recordings can be accessed only by the organizer of a meeting or webinar and they can share it with others if required.


Browser-based online screen sharing

Share your screen during online meetings and webinars without downloading any software. As a web-based online conferencing software, Zoho Meeting is easy to use from right from your browser. You can also share your screen from mobile devices using the Zoho Meeting iOS app.


Collaborate with remote access

The remote access feature in Zoho Meeting helps participants access the presenter’s shared screen using their mouse and keyboard. Use remote access to collaborate on documents or presentations during your online meetings.


Desktop screen sharing with video meetings

Share your screen and see other participants face-to-face through video conferencing. Video meetings help you articulate your thoughts better and build consensus during discussions and presentations.

Collaborate efficiently with screen sharing using Zoho Meeting

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