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Screen sharing is a powerful collaborative feature that empowers you to share the contents of your screen with a single or multiple devices. With our web-based screen sharing protocols, you can seamlessly collaborate with your team and conduct training sessions remotely using Zoho Meeting's online screen share app. This convenient feature is available on both our online meeting and webinar platforms.

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★★★★★ 4.6 / 5
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Easy online screen sharing using Zoho Meeting

Share your screen with other participants in seconds. Remotely collaborate on documents to deliver presentations efficiently using our free online screen sharing app.


Share the entire screen or a window

Share your entire screen or only a select application window with other participants. By sharing only an application window, the rest of your screen—including the applications you use, your desktop wallpaper, or any open browser tabs —will not be visible to others in your meeting, thus you can share screen online without worrying about your privacy.


Secure remote screen sharing software

Online screen sharing is encrypted in Zoho Meeting, on both the presenters’ and participants’ ends for all online meetings. On the presenter’s end, live screen sharing is encrypted through WebRTC and uses DTLS-SRTP encryption. On the participants’ end, online screen sharing is encrypted using the TLS 1.2 protocol.


Record screen sharing

In Zoho Meeting, online screen sharing is captured in meeting recordings along with the audio. This helps you recap your meetings or easily catch up on the discussions you missed. Recordings can be accessed only by the organizer of a meeting or webinar and they can share it with others if required.


Browser-based screen sharing

Share your screen during online meetings and webinars using our screen sharing website, without downloading any software. As a web-based online conferencing software, Zoho Meeting's easy to use "share my screen" feature allows you to share screen online directly from your browser. You can also share your screen from mobile devices using the Zoho Meeting iOS app.


Collaborate with remote access

The remote access feature in Zoho Meeting helps participants access the presenter’s shared screen using their mouse and keyboard. Use remote access to collaborate on documents or presentations during your online meetings.


Desktop screen sharing with video meetings

Share your screen and see other participants face-to-face through video conferencing. Video meetings using online desktop sharing help you articulate your thoughts better and build consensus during discussions and presentations.


Mobile screen sharing app

Collaborate from anywhere, anytime using Zoho Meeting's mobile screen sharing app. You can share your Android and iOS screens directly via our innovative mobile screen sharing technology. Share your remote screen and communicate with your peers efficiently.

How to share screen online - Zoho Meeting

How do I share my screen online?

Using Zoho Meeting's innovative share my screen feature, you can do online screen share with audio and live video feed. Our free screen share app allows you to make your presentations interactive by online desktop sharing in a jiffy. Here's you share screen online remotely:

To share screen online:

How does screen share with Zoho Meeting work?

Start online screen sharing with other meeting participants with the click of a button. Become a presenter and share your entire screen, or an application window, or even a chrome tab over Zoho Meeting.

Entire screen

Share your entire screen with all the participants of the meeting. All the open applications on your system will be visible to the meeting participants by sharing the entire screen.

Choose what you share

Entire ScreenWindowChrome Tab
Sharing entire screen in Zoho Meeting

Choose what you share

Entire ScreenWindowChrome Tab
Sharing application window in Zoho Meeting


Share a specific application window that's relevant to the participants of the meeting. You can choose to share one of the open application windows on your system with the meeting participants, not having to show all the open applications over the meeting.

Chrome Tab

If you have joined the meeting from chrome, you can even choose to share a particular chrome tab with the participants. They will only get to see that specific chrome tab and not any other application on your system during screen sharing.

Choose what you share

Entire ScreenWindowChrome Tab
Sharing chrome tab using Zoho Meeting's screen sharing website

Who can share the screen?

Using Zoho Meeting, both the host and participants can become the presenter to share screen and collaborate over an online meeting.

Host can share screen using Zoho Meeting


Host of the meeting has control over who can share screen in a meeting. By default, only the meeting host can become presenter and share the screen. If participants need to share their screen, they can request with the host. Host can either choose to approve or reject the screen sharing request.

participants can request to share screen using Zoho Meeting


Participants of the meeting can request the host to share their screen in the meeting. If the request is approved by the host, participants can share screen during online meetings. If the host rejects the request, participants will not be able to share screen over that meeting.

Prerequisites for screen sharing

Before you begin to share your screen, there are certain prerequisites that need to be satisfied from the presenter's end.

  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection to provide seamless screen sharing.
  • Check beforehand whether screen sharing is working properly on your online meeting platform.
  • Ensure the application window you intend to share is open on the screen and ready to share with the meeting participants.
  • Close or minimize unnecessary application windows or tabs that may cause distraction while sharing your screen.
  • Start your meeting recording, which will capture screen sharing as well. This will be helpful to review sessions in the future.
Prerequisites for screen sharing in Zoho Meeting

Look at what our customers have to say about Zoho Meeting’s free screen sharing software


“In my business I am a vendor to the child care industry and provide a service for child care providers. I have found Zoho Meeting to be very helpful in giving online demonstrations of how our web application works.”

Linda McKnight

The Child Care Square

“Very useful meeting tools, as we use for Zoho for our CRM and accounts, it was an easy choice to use Zoho Meeting as well. Very good for remote demo’s.”

Tolik Rozensteins

Business Development Manager, Security & Vetting Solutions Ltd

“We now have several weekly team meetings that allow everyone to be in sync with each other. And for our customers we have created a series of live webinars and group meetings where they can speak directly with our team and learn about raising solitary bees.”

Karl Alexander

Marketing Director, Crown Bees

Online screen sharing app

Download Zoho Meeting for iOS and Android to share screen and collaborate from your mobile.

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Join online meetings and instantly collaborate from mobile - Zoho Meeting
Join online meetings from mobile devices - Zoho Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions


What is screen sharing?

Screen sharing is a collaborative technique that enables you to share the contents of your computer or mobile screen with other participants. By screen sharing online, you allow your team members to view your screen in real time as you navigate through the interface. Screen sharing gives you the option to share either the entire screen or a specific application window.


How to share screen online?

Using Zoho meeting's online screen share platform with audio, you can conduct virtual presentations, open and share documents, spreadsheets or any other type of application window with your participants. To screen share online, use the Start sharing option in your meeting window and select the screen you want to share. Learn more.


Is screen sharing secure?

In Zoho Meeting, screen sharing is encrypted through WebRTC and uses DTLS-SRTP encryption. All transmissions are protected with industry-standard SSL/128-bit AES encryption protocol. With Zoho Meeting, you can conduct screen-sharing sessions directly from your browser without needing to download software that may occupy drive space and make your computer vulnerable to security risks. Learn more.


Does Zoho Meeting offer a free screen sharing service?

Yes, anyone can use Zoho Meeting in the free edition and conduct free screen sharing sessions during online meetings or webinars. Zoho Meeting also offers subscription plans for large teams to meet their remote collaboration needs with added features like remote control access and recording during screen sharing.

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