Share Screen

Share your entire screen, a specific application, or a Chrome tab with meeting participants using screen sharing. Also, let them interact with your screen or even edit documents shared from your screen with remote access.

Share files

Upload relevant session materials while scheduling your online meetings, and share them seamlessly in your ongoing meetings. Attach files such as PDFs, PPTs, and videos to collaborate with the meeting participants.

Share files


Note down important points, create to-do lists, design flowcharts, and brainstorm with your entire team over a real-time collaborative whiteboard. Quickly download your whiteboards as image files during or after your meetings.


Meeting notes

Create in-session notes during meetings and refer back to them in other meetings as associated notes. Organize content in the form of checklists, numbered lists, and bullet points and also format text.

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"We looked at a wide range of web conferencing options and Zoho Meeting was the clear choice. The value, flexible audio options, and ease-of-use were the key criteria. The service meets our needs perfectly! "

Randy Fougere
Think2Grow Marketing

"Perfect for what I need, short one-on-one training for new contractors. It's quick and easy to initiate a session, and I haven't run into any technical issues."

Dennis Freeman,
Homework Coach

Messaging and chat for quick online collaboration

Send messages

Exchange messages, send links, or attach relevant files with meeting participants using the in-session chat box.

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Zoho Meeting    

Drop voice messages

Save time and effort by quickly recording voice messages and notes to share with the meeting participants.

React with emoji

Make remote collaboration more fun by reacting to messages with a wide variety of emojis.

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Zoho Meeting Zoho Meeting    

Edit messages

Ensure clarity and precision every time by going back and editing messages if necessary. You can also notify others about any changes to keep everyone up to date.

Reply to messages

Too many messages and replies can cause confusion in any chat conversation. Tag your teammates and send replies to select messages for clarity.

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Zoho Meeting    

Get chat transcripts

If anyone shares important information via chat during a meeting, you can download the chat transcript after the meeting for future reference.

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Collaborate effortlessly using Zoho Meeting

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