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Finding clients, managing finances, establishing rates, dealing with time management, and maintaining a work-life balance are just some of the challenges freelancers face. Zoho Meeting is an online meeting platform that helps freelancers overcome these challenges by helping them to connect seamlessly with established clients and potential leads from anywhere in the world. This helps freelancers save time and money on travel, and facilitate more efficient collaboration and communication with those clients and leads.

Online meetings can help freelancers build trust and professional relationships with their clients, which can, in turn, lead to more work and referrals. We've listed a few ways an online meeting software can help freelancers collaborate and establish a brand to maintain your place in the market.

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What our customers say

  • Deliver high-quality work
  • Make the best first impression
  • Manage your client relationships
  • Share ideas and stay organized

Remain competitive and deliver high-quality work

Freelancers must constantly keep up with technology to ensure a steady stream of work and income. As a freelancer, staying up to date with the latest tools, maintaining projects, and communication is a big challenge. Using the right online meeting software makes the job easier for you. With a robust set of functionalities and user-friendly UI, Zoho Meeting enhances your remote collaboration experience so you can remain competitive. Learn More

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Make the best first impression and get paid faster

Creating the right brand image and establishing your customers’ trust gives you more control over how a specific persona perceives your brand during their first interaction with it. Zoho Meeting helps you create the perfect freelancer profile, with your name and logo displayed on email headers so you can make a great first impression. Meeting reminders with a well-defined objective gives you an extra push to reach out to your clients and reduce no-shows.

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Manage your finances and client relationships

Freelancers are responsible for managing their own finances. Discuss your financial terms and billing procedures with clients during your online meetings. Use our video-conferencing software to build rapport with clients and foster stronger relationships. With the help of our file-sharing feature, you can show your clients reports and project updates to keep them informed about project progress and costs.

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Share ideas and stay organized by keeping detailed records

Use our collaborative whiteboard to share ideas, brainstorm and annotate new concepts and designs, and share them with your clients immediately. Generating meeting reports based on the number of sessions or the level of client engagement in your meetings will help you evaluate how effectively your online meeting sessions have performed. Zoho Meeting also lets you record your meetings so that they can be used at subsequent meetings to verify decisions and recall past events and actions.

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What makes Zoho Meeting the best-suited online meeting software for freelancers?

Here are just some of the qualities and features you’ll enjoy as a freelancer when you use Zoho Meeting.

  • It has an intuitive and feature-rich user interface.
  • It will keep your meetings secure and private.
  • The built-in live chat bar connects you instantly.
  • You can communicate remotely via telephone bridge and VoIP.
  • Multiple video feeds allow you to view everyone on the conference call.
  • You can use the collaborative whiteboard to jot down ideas during the meeting.
  • Promote your brand by changing virtual backgrounds.
  • Troubleshoot easily with remote access.
  • Stay on track and focused using the moderator controls.
  • Experience seamless integration with multiple platforms.

Why should a freelancer choose Zoho Meeting?

All for free! Zoho Meeting is a cost-effective online meeting solution for freelancers at every stage of their business development. Our Forever Free plan helps you conduct seamless meetings from any location, on any device, for free up to 60 minutes with 100 participants. Our free meeting version doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality, and it includes all of the necessary functionalities for your video-conferencing requirements. Freelancers can further benefit from the feature-rich Standard plan, which starts at $1 per user per month.

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