Smarter Web Conferencing Solution for your Business.

Meet anyone, anywhere.

Instantly share your screen at any time. Mutliple platform/browser support with no download or installation process means anyone can join your meeting. Options like desktop plug-in, embed meeting widget, and multi-platform support let you conduct a web meeting from anywhere, desktop, website or any browser.

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Smart collaboration

Online Meeting is more than just sharing your screen. It's an easier and smarter way of collaborating. Integrated audio conferencing, instant chat and swap screen-sharing enhance the meeting experience. Multi-language and time zone support makes it easy to schedule meetings based on your audience's location. Track all your meetings using Zoho Meeting settings.

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Simple and secure

Conduct unlimited meetings with secure screen sharing and easy connection through firewall and proxy set-up.

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Easy administration

Administrative account management is simple with options like company profile management, quick custom reports, organization user management.

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We've made it easy to incorporate Zoho Meeting with other services you may already be using. We provide integration with Google Calendar and Google Apps, as well as native integration with the other products in the Zoho Suite.

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Go Mobile - Meeting iOS App

Go mobile with our iOS app.

Meet from anywhere. Host or join an online meeting, invite participants, meet face-to-face with video, share your screen and record your meeting.

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