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Zoho Meeting has been recognized by Constellation ShortList in Virtual Events: Webcasts and Meetings, Q3 2023.

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Zoho Meeting's webinar software offers a wide range of battle-tested features that help you expand your global outreach with just a few clicks. Conduct a live webcast for up to 5000 attendees and tell your story in style by sharing your remote screen.

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Webcast vs. webinar: What's the difference?

A webcast and a webinar are both online events that involve presenting information to a large remote audience. However, they do not mean the same thing.


Webcasts refer to broadcasting pre-recorded or live online events to a much large audience with limited interaction from the organizer. They are ideal for events such as conference live streaming or event keynote. The main goal of online webcasting is to reach the maximum audience with minimal interaction, which can be achieved by streaming on platforms like YouTube.



Webinars are interactive online events where organizers can present relevant information to a targeted audience. Unlike webcasting, webinars are more interactive, making them the ideal choice for organization-wide meetings, remote trainings, and Q&A sessions . Webinar attendees typically ask questions, participate in polls, and engage in discussions.

webcast platform webcast platform webcast platform

Reach a larger audience using our webcasting service


Live stream your web events with Zoho Meeting's webcasts

Live streaming your web events for a larger group might seem daunting, but our YouTube live streaming service makes live streaming your web events and conducting enterprise-level webinars a breeze.


Bigger events with better return on investments

Zoho Meeting's webcasts via YouTube live streaming keep you prepared for any challenges while conducting large events with video streaming, screen sharing, live polls, Q&A sessions, and much more. With Zoho Meeting's innovative live webcasting, you can launch products with large-scale live web events, provide training to an entire company, and conduct town hall meetings seamlessly.


YouTube live streaming

YouTube live streaming helps you maximize your reach and connect with a much larger audience. During the live stream webcast, people can comment and ask questions on YouTube.


Video conferencing

Communicate your thoughts and ideas more effectively through video conferencing. Use your built-in laptop camera or an external camera for video webinars and conduct your live web events with peace of mind.


Custom branding

Custom brand your webcasting by customizing the webinar registration forms for your organization. Add your brand's logo and images to maintain brand consistency. You can also use custom domain mapping for your webinar links and live stream your webinars on YouTube.


Screen sharing

Make your web conferences interactive by sharing your remote screen with just a single click over our webcast platform. Share your entire screen or just a specific application window with other participants using our screen sharing app.


24/5 technical assistance

We offer around-the-clock technical support five days a week to help you efficiently live stream events online and quickly resolve any technical issues you face.


Advanced analytics

Generate detailed reports on attendee and registrant information and use polls and Q&A sessions to track and analyze your audience engagement levels. Use your performance reports to enhance your webcasting productivity.

Webcasting webinar using Zoho Meeting’s YouTube live streaming

Enable YouTube live streaming option in Zoho Meeting:

Step 1

Log in to Zoho Meeting. Don't have an account? Sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Step 2

Click Settings in the left pane to enable YouTube live streaming for webinars.

Step 3

On the My Settings tab, enable the Livestreaming on YouTube option under Webinar.

How to live stream webinars on YouTube:


01. Schedule the webinar as an Organizer and start broadcast.


02. Click the More icon on the floating toolbar and choose Live on YouTube.

03. Sign in with your Google account and click Next.


04. Select Allow to give permission for Zoho Meeting to access your Google account.


05. Enter the Zoho webinar title as you want it to be displayed on YouTube.


06. Verify your Account Information.


07. Select the video access level: Public, Unlisted, or Private.

Public: Videos can be seen by anyone on YouTube.
Unlisted: Videos can be seen and shared by anyone with the link.
Private: Videos can only be seen by you and the people you choose to give access.)


08. Click the Go Live button. The progress bar will show that your session is being prepared for streaming.


09. Attendees on YouTube can use the YouTube comment section to share their questions or thoughts. Online conference live streaming will stop when you end the webinar.

Awards and Reviews

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Advantages of webcasts


Brand awareness

Hosting successful video webcasts helps you level up your publicity and can positively impact your global brand awareness.


Cost efficient

Webcasting is an affordable alternative to conducting large-scale in-person events. You can use your webcast tool to generate high-value quality leads with minimal investment.


Reach a larger audience

You can stream your live webinar with up to 5000 attendees in a session using Zoho Meeting's webinar software. Our online webcast software will help improve communication with larger groups.


Train employees quickly

You can train your internal employees more efficiently by offering informative on-demand webinars. Use Zoho Meeting's webcast solution to record these training sessions and reuse them for future employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is a webcast?

A webcast is a live video and audio broadcast transmitted using the Internet. The process means live streaming events to more than one person simultaneously. Using a free live webcast platform like Zoho Meeting, you can host a large-scale video webcast effortlessly.

02. How does webcasting work?

The process of broadcasting your webinars online on a social platform is video webcasting. You can live stream your webinars on YouTube using Zoho Meeting's webcasting software.

03. Can a webcast be recorded?

Yes. You can record your online webcast sessions using Zoho Meeting - video webcasting software.

04. How do I join a webcast?

You can join a webcast by registering yourself for the webinar or directly stream the webinar on the webcast platform where the webinar is broadcasted.