Why do startups need video communication tools?

In the initial stages of your business operations, every decision you make brings you closer to your target. Online meetings help your team grow and scale with effective collaboration and a connected digital workplace. You can save time and money by eliminating the need for in-person meetings, and increase productivity by allowing team members to collaborate over video communication software for startups.

Zoho Meeting is a cost-effective and easy-to-use conference call startup solution that you can rely on. It has many advanced and collaborative features to foster more productive discussions for startups. We've listed a few ways an online meeting software can help your team collaborate and establish a brand to maintain your place in the market.


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"The process of switching and getting used to Zoho Meeting was smooth and without any issues. The user interface was and still is very intuitive."

Vinko Tosevski,

Founder, Psephisma Health

  • A unified video communication platform
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Engage customers with video
  • Ecosystem for small business

A unified video communication platform

Challenges are everywhere—startups in particular aren’t immune to the myriad of challenges that we face today. In order to develop a highly successful team culture and be productive, its important to have a system of tools that helps businesses support, improve, and automate their processes. Zoho Meeting's video communication solutions for startups is far more organized with a collection of communication channels like telephony, instant messaging, audio, video, and web conferencing to simplify and improve the user experience. This in turn helps your team save time from juggling between multiple channels so you can close deals faster. Learn More

unified communication platform for year team

Real-time collaboration made easy

In such a competitive economic environment, it’s difficult for any new business to thrive. Increased employee interaction, good workplace benefits, and innovation play a significant role in a startup’s survival. Remote collaboration using Zoho Meeting eliminates the need for business-related travel, which can be costly and time-consuming. Zoho Meeting's startup video conferencing solution helps you conduct virtual job interviews, hold product demonstrations, host online trainings and workshops, onboard new hires, and much more.

Real time collaboration made easy

Engage your customers with video

You can use video conferencing to reach new customers and provide them with solutions and support. Zoho Meeting is a secure online video conferencing platform that puts your privacy first. Chock-full of features, the software allows you to see everyone at the same time through multiple video feeds. Add context to your presentations using features like screen sharing, collaborative whiteboard, session materials, and polls. You can host online training sessions or workshops for customers, helping them to get the most out of your products or services.

Engage your customers with video

An ecosystem tailored for small businesses

Discover a whole suite of Zoho's products, such as Zoho CRM for maintaining customer information data, Zoho Campaigns for email campaigns, Zoho Analytics for reports and management information, Zoho Flow to simplify automation, Zoho Projects for managing task lists and milestones, and much more. Choose from 50+ integrated applications to help you streamline and improve the efficiency of your operations. Our suite of business apps allows startups to focus their time and energy on their core business and achieve their goals more effectively with fewer resources.

An ecosystem tailored for small businesses
ultimate video conferencing platform for startups

Securing funding is a crucial challenge that small businesses must overcome to succeed. If you’re a startup looking to explore Zoho for your business, the Zoho for Startups program gives you an all-access pass to the software tools you need to support your new venture. Choose from 45+ Zoho products and technologies to run your entire business. Send in your application to get up to 1.86 lakhs INR worth of Zoho Wallet credits so you can take the first step toward enjoying the long-term success of your startup.


What makes Zoho Meeting the best-suited video conferencing solution for startups?

  • Intuitive and feature-rich user interface
  • Keeps your meetings secure and private
  • Built-in live chat bar to connect instantly
  • Communicate remotely via telephone bridge and VoIP
  • Multiple video feeds to view everyone on the conference call
  • Jot down ideas using a collaborative whiteboard
  • Promote your brand by changing virtual backgrounds
  • Troubleshoot easily with remote access
  • Stay on track and focused using moderator controls
  • Seamless integration with multiple platforms

Why should your startup choose Zoho Meeting?

Zoho Meeting is a cost-effective online meeting solution for startups that can help businesses at every stage of their development. Our Forever Free plan helps you conduct unlimited free online meetings from any location, on any device, for up to 60 minutes with 100 participants. Our free meeting version doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality, and it includes all of the necessary functionalities for a startup setting. Businesses on a limited budget can benefit from the feature-rich standard plan, which starts at   per user per month.

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