Why use Zoho Meeting for teaching online?

Zoho Meeting offers multiple features that help you set up engaging and interactive school classrooms online. View video feeds from up to 50 students at a time and share your screen to engage them better using video conferencing for education. Use the raise hand feature, file sharing, whiteboard, meeting notes, and moderator controls for a secure and comprehensive learning experience.

Zoho Meeting

Organize online classes for schools


Schedule classes in advance

Plan and schedule your online class sessions ahead of time. Include the main topic and a description of what you're going to teach in the agenda. Use the recurring meetings feature to easily schedule a series of classes.


Embed links on your website

Embed your course registration links on your educational institution's website. This will make it easy for your students to register for your classes and attend. You can also share the session links with your students through email, SMS, or instant messages.


Team up and teach

When it comes to subjects with topic complexity, two or more teachers can team up and deliver classes together using video conferencing for schools. Invite guest lecturers to teach your students and add them as co-hosts in Zoho Meeting for that session.


Set up automated emails

Configure automated emails to be sent to your school students before each class. You can set up one or more reminder emails at different times before your class starts. These reminders will make it easy for your students to be present on time.


Record classes

Enable automated recording of your classes from Settings in your Zoho Meeting account. This will ensure you get a recording of your class, even if you forget to click the recording button. Share the recording of your class with students who couldn't attend so they can catch up on what they missed.

Run live classes for teaching

Teach small and large classes

Whether you're teaching a small class or a large group of students, Zoho Meeting makes it easy to scale your online classes by teaching using video conferencing. Our online meeting software for education can accommodate up to 250 students in a session, and you can view live video feeds from up to 50 students during a meeting.

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Share your screen and video

Make your classes engaging by sharing screen, including diagrams, pictures, notes, and presentations. Share your video to connect and interact with your students better using our video conferencing platform for teaching.

Teach with whiteboard

Explain complex topics and make learning engaging with the use of a collaborative whiteboard. Note down key points, prepare flowcharts, and add images to demonstrate important concepts. List a quick summary of the class and let students download the whiteboard with the click of a button.

Zoho Meeting
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Share files and send messages

Share learning material in the form of files with your students. Send messages and useful reference links for topics in the class session's built-in chat. Download chat transcripts after each class so students can refer back to them.

Raise Hand

Like in a physical classroom, students can raise their hands to get the attention of the teacher using video conferencing for schools. The Raise Hand feature can also be used for conducting instant polls in your online classroom. For example, you can ask the students who agree with a statement to use Raise Hand.

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  Zoho Meeting Zoho Meeting

Meeting notes

Students can use the Meeting Notes feature to create quick notes of lectures during an online class. They can view the notes they create during other class sessions and even associate select notes together.

Moderator controls

Keep your online classes secure and protected from intruders using the Lock meeting feature. With Zoho Meeting's moderator controls, you can also mute the microphone of your students to cut any background noise that may interfere the class.

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Projects, Seminars,
and parent-teacher meetings

One-on-one meetings

Use online meetings to have one-on-one sessions with students who need individual attention in different areas of study. Schedule separate meetings for slow learners at their convenience and invite parents if required. Attach and share individual progress reports and additional resources for learning in the form of files.

Parent-teacher meetings

Use video conferencing for schools and conduct parent-teacher meetings online. Make teachers of different subjects co-hosts in the meeting. Give each parent a turn to speak to share concerns or make suggestions. Use Meeting Notes to easily take note of important points discussed without having to leave the app.

Group meetings and seminars

Schedule meetings for small groups of students to work on class projects. Each student can speak and even share their screen and video to contribute their ideas and suggestions. You can even make a student a co-host of your class session so they can deliver presentations to the whole class.

Stay connected and empower your students. Teach online with Zoho Meeting.

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