"The process of switching and getting used to Zoho Meeting was smooth and without any issues. The user interface was and still is very intuitive."

Vinko Tosevski

Founder, Psephisma Health

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    Schedule medical appointments

    Zoho Meeting's telehealth solution offers its users the ability to instantly hold online video consultations with their doctors. You can also schedule your telehealth meetings and book your appointments with your doctors based on your preferences. Using Zoho Meeting, you can move your regular medical counseling and follow-up sessions online, so that patients can continuously monitor their health progress directly from their homes.

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    Easy joining for patients

    Anyone needing your medical advice can join the session you schedule by just clicking the link you share. Patients can join video consultations without going through the hassle of downloading and installing software on their computers. They can also join consultations from their mobile devices without needing to sign up for Zoho Meeting.

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    Real-time video to aid diagnosis

    The more you know about your patients’ symptoms, the better you can diagnose their condition. Use video conferencing to see patients in real time, understand their symptoms, and hear their concerns. If your patient prefers it, you can let their family members or caretakers join the video conference from anywhere in the world. Doctors can also decide to disable video completely if they need.

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    Screen sharing as a visual aid

    While telemedicine focuses on remote clinical services, telehealth involves providing education and awareness to healthcare workers, hospital staff, and patients. With Zoho Meeting, doctors can conduct sessions with patients as well as staff, sharing texts, diagrams, and images through screen sharing to help explain health conditions, solutions, and preventive measures.

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    Share useful resources through chat

    Telehealth allows healthcare providers to make use of a wide range of resources available online, such as articles, ebooks, and videos. Doctors can share definitions of complex medical terms or send links to articles about health, diet, and well-being with patients using our chat option. Just make sure that your patients or staff save a copy of what you send as they won’t be able to retrieve it after the meeting ends.

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    Secure online tool

    Zoho Meeting is a secure online solution that protects the privacy of everybody who uses it. All transmissions through Zoho Meeting are encrypted, which means Zoho Meeting cannot read or interpret the data shared by anyone who uses the tool. You need not even provide your phone number to sign up with Zoho Meeting. Read about Zoho’s privacy policy. If you’re looking for a suite of apps to support remote collaboration, consider signing up for Zoho Workplace.

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