Enhancing cross-team collaboration

The Company

Vinko Tosevski, the founder of Psephisma Health, combines his expertise in immunology, biospecimen analysis, and data analytics to create new value in precision medicine. Vinko launched Psephisma Health with a group of colleagues in 2022. They are building a decentralized health data management platform, which stores and organizes clinical research data under patient control and oversight, seamlessly integrating research with medical care.

The Challenge

Psephisma Health, like any organization, requires a streamlined workflow to ensure that all its processes run smoothly and efficiently. As a startup, its founders are seeking to accomplish as much as possible with the fewest resources necessary. To achieve this, they tried various meeting software solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom—but none of them met Psephisma Health's requirements.

The Psephisma Health team recognized the need for a meeting solution that allows third-party integrations for efficient scheduling and seamless data communication across platforms.

Vinko Tosevski

"The process of switching and getting used to Zoho Meeting was smooth and without any issues. The user interface was and still is very intuitive." Vinko Tosevski, Founder, Psephisma Health

The Solution

Vinko had a positive experience using Zoho Mail as his private email platform. When he started searching the market for a meeting software solution for his startup, he decided to try Zoho Meeting. According to Vinko, his prior experience with Zoho Mail played a significant role in his decision. He mentioned, "My first contact with Zoho was as a private user with Zoho Mail, and I still use Zoho Mail as my private email platform. And then, when I needed this kind of productivity suite for a startup, I just went for Zoho because of the positive experiences I've had."

Psephisma Health smoothly transitioned to Zoho Meeting, and continues to use it four to six times per week. With the Zoho Bookings integration, the team was able to improve its cross-departmental collaboration efforts. Vinko found that the process of switching and adapting to Zoho Meeting was seamless and uncomplicated. The user interface was intuitive and easy to use. Plus, the team appreciated the fact that they could take notes quickly from within the platform during a meeting and access them later with the View Associated Notes feature.


Zoho Meeting's features have helped Psephisma Health optimize its workflow, making operations more efficient. Overall, the company has had an incredible experience using Zoho Meeting and continue to rely on it for virtual meetings.

In summary, Psephisma Health opted for a meeting software solution that not only provides standard meeting features, but also has the ability to integrate with all third-party applications. This helped the team achieve a more streamlined workflow and improved the overall efficiency of its operations.

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