The Small Business Emergency Subscription Assistance Program (ESAP)

Times are tough. Our small business customers have always stood by us and we want to do our part to stand by them. ESAP gives our severely impacted small business customers access to Zoho software they currently use, free for three months. All Zoho customers with 25 employees or fewer who have been severely impacted by the coronavirus-related downturn may apply. We will grant waivers based on the severity of disruption, industry, and other factors.

SMB Emergency Subscription Assistance Program

Message from Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu on the Small Business Emergency Subscription Assistance Program

Who is the ESAP for?

The program is for Zoho's small business customers with 25 employees or fewer who are being severely impacted by the economic disruption. Small businesses have been key to our success, and this is the time for us to do what we can to pay you back. We plan to help up to 20,000 businesses and organizations worldwide. Before applying, please take a moment and consider if you really need this. If you don't need this program and apply anyway, you will likely be taking from an organization that does.

What products and services does the program cover?

ESAP covers all Zoho applications customers currently use. Certain limits will apply for products priced on usage. The program will not cover Premium and Enterprise support services.

How does the program work?

All applicants must apply for the ESAP by using the form below. We will review your application and then decide. Once approved, we will look at your current subscription and grant you Zoho Wallet credits equivalent to three months of your bill. You may then use the Wallet credits at your discretion.

T&C for ESAP credits:

  • 1. The Program is open only to paying customers of at least one Zoho product for a minimum of one year, ending February 2020.
  • 2. Only customers with 25 employees, or fewer, across their entire organization qualify for this program.
  • 3. Wallet credits granted will be 3 times the monthly subscription fee paid by the customer, across all Zoho products. This will be limited to $2,000 per customer.
  • 4. A customer may apply only once and not modify their application later, so please get your details right.
  • 5. Once awarded, Wallet credits will not be increased later.
  • 6. Credits awarded to any organization may only be put to use by the admin user on their account and not any other user.
  • 7. Zoho reserves the right to approve or reject any application and this decision is final
  • 8. Should Zoho find misrepresentations in any application, either at the time of submission or later, we reserve the right to remove that customer from this program
  • 9. Zoho reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time and not take additional applications.


  • How can a customer in the Annual pricing mode earn the benefits of this program? 

    Customer can choose to purchase any new product or add user licenses or we can also help you extend your renewal date by 90 days using these credits.

  • Can these credits be encashed or transferred to bank? 

    No. The credits can be used only on the Zoho products approved for this program.

  • Where can the customer view their available credits? 

    The total available credits for your org can be viewed on your product's Subscription page in the header column.

  • Can a customer transfer these credits to another customer? 

    No, the credits can be used only by the organization for which the credits were awarded.

  • Any exception on the usage of credits? 

    Only the organization ADMIN has the authority to use these credits on any transaction.

  • What is the validity for the ESAP credits ? 

    These credits are valid for 90 days from the date offered.

  • Can these credits be used on any other transaction other than renewals? 

    Yes. You can use these credits for adding user licenses, edition or pay period upgrades before the expiry period.

For any queries regarding ESAP credits, please write to 

We've had the privilege of assisting several small businesses with this initiative. Having helped many more organizations than we set out to, we've now decided to close applications for this program. Thank you for your trust in us.

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