Introducing Zoho Projects 7: Conquering the chaos in your project management process

Launching Zoho Projects 7—more speed, a complete UI makeover, and new features to help businesses deal with disruptions in their work.

First launched in 2006, Zoho Projects has evolved from a simple online project management tool to a comprehensive solution. As we step into our 15th year, we’re excited to introduce our latest version, Zoho Projects 7. We’ve redesigned Zoho Projects to encourage a consistent user experience, with easy navigation and features to help you overcome the chaos in your project management process.

Let’s take a look at the 7 hurdles that are eliminated in Zoho Projects 7.

1) Eliminating clutter in the UI – Looks that matter

Zoho Projects 7 comes with a colorful, refreshing UI that supports multiple themes, including an eye-catching dark mode. In addition to refreshed aesthetics, the new single-page layout of this version ensures single-click navigation to all the modules. This considerably declutters your experience and ensures easy adoption for any business, big or small.

We wanted to give Projects 7 a big dollop of color. And there are even more features to get excited about: themes with solid and light variations, images, and art. That’s right, we’re now providing both image and art-based themes that can be applied to your portal!

2) Eliminating bottlenecks and delays – Tracking transitions

Are you tired of dealing with constant delays and trying to figure out where there’s a lag? Say hello to the status timeline! Now you can get a pipeline view of how long a task takes to progress through its various stages. Identify bottlenecks with ease and take corrective measures to bring your project back on track.

3) Eliminating inconsistent views – To perfect the work-life balance

We’ve made the Resource Utilization chart’s UI uniform for all the date ranges, be it a day, week, or month. Switching between these views is also easy now. The horizontal bars indicate how free or occupied you are by showing red (over-allocated) or green (under-allocated) colors for each unit of the selected date range. We’ve included a Calendar option so that you can select custom date ranges to view these reports. Projects 7 also has a new Heatmap view for easily visualizing disconnected schedules.

4) Eliminating imperfect results – Find exactly what you’re looking for

Projects 7 is equipped with Advanced Filters in all our modules. Not only can you filter using predefined and custom fields, but there are also more ways to compare as well. If you prefer taking the direct approach, you can find what you’re looking for quickly by using our improved Search option that supports a full-text search for the entire product.

5) Eliminating siloed reports – A quick pulse of all your work

Global Home now supports two types of dashboards: Personal and Portfolio. The Personal dashboard has widgets that tell you all about your work items from upcoming to overdue issues, tasks, milestones, and events. The Portfolio dashboard, on the other hand, is a compact overview of all the work that’s been happening across projects. This dashboard has widgets that address the project level timeline, status, ownership, budget health, and clients.

6) Eliminating communication gaps – To enable socially distant conversations

Powerful collaboration features are a mandatory inclusion for any work management tool. Zoho Projects 7 takes it up a notch with its new Discuss module. This module displays all your chatrooms, and also has a Meeting tab for scheduling and viewing your meetings. This is included with our integration with Zoho Cliq and Zoho Meeting. You can also integrate with Zoho People to ‘Check-In’ and ‘Check-Out’ right from within your Projects portal!

7) Eliminating disorganized documents – Integration with Zoho WorkDrive

Collaborating with various teams is also done through information sharing. The current documents module in Zoho Projects is vastly enhanced in our latest version. By integrating with Zoho WorkDrive, users can create and organize team folders. The ability to view relevant information is also achieved by assigning various access privileges. (This integration is available for all new sign-ups. We’re currently working on the migration for existing portals.)

The much-awaited Gantt chart feature will also be available shortly in our mobile app! From custom views in Kanban to keyboard shortcuts, we have several other updates big and small. Rather than us listing them all out here, why don’t you try it yourself and let us know what you think? 🙂

Follow this space for more info on what’s new in Zoho Projects 7. We hope these features will truly simplify your work and help you succeed in all your projects.

NOTE: Our current version, Zoho Projects 6 will reach its EOL (End-of-Life) by March 31, 2021. Please migrate to our latest version—Zoho Projects 7—as soon as possible to acclimate to the new update.  

Here’s to many happy projects!


29 Replies to Introducing Zoho Projects 7: Conquering the chaos in your project management process

  1. Where did the required-entry notes option go for time entries? We had it in the previous version and often need to make sure notes are entered when a timer is stopped or time is manually input.

  2. If I try version 7, and encounter issues, is there any way to revert to the previous version ? When will the current version no longer be available, and version 7 be pushed to all users ?

    1. Hey Todd, If you encounter any issues with our new update, please reach out to us at and we'll fix it ASAP! For now, our paid edition users will have an option to switch to the older version (button available on the logout panel. But please note that our previous version, Zoho Projects 6 will reach its EOL by March 31, 2021.

  3. Hello, I watched a project in Zoho Project associate to Zoho CRM previously, I can't watch it right now. Why this information has been deleted in the Dashboard of a project?Can I see in another place? Plus, I had some association Project and I can´'t watch it now.

  4. Is there any plans to simplify the set up of Contacts that we would like to communicate with using the chat feature from within a task? Currently client users require a Cliq account and this setup is not always a smooth process. Any plans to simplify this?

    1. Hey Chris, Task chat is supported for the project users as well as client users. All the Zoho Projects users can continue using chat using the chat bar at the bottom of Zoho Projects without the need for a Cliq account. The Discuss tab alone will not be supported for clients. Hope this helps!

  5. Thank you very much for the enhancements. Happy with most of the features enhanced. Your support team does a wonderful job in helping us when we are stuck or need more information on how to do something. Kudos. We have been requesting for some important features for quite sometime however we have not heard back on whether it is on the roadmap to be done or not. * Ability to enable / disable columns and reorder them just like in the projects view in other views like milestones and several others * Better reports as one cannot do any pivots with the reports downloaded from Zoho today to perform any analysis or trends today. We should have an option to select which columns we need just like Jira * Resource Utilization report should also have an option for actual hours (like Allocated hours) ** Planned vs Actual should be represented in the in the same way as Resource utilization (if history is maintained) * I was really looking forward to improvements in Gantt charts to make them usable as they just add a wow aspect now and is not particularly useful.

    1. Hi Ram! Thank you, we're glad you like all the enhancements. Our support team will be happy to hear this :) Regarding your queries, we'll get in touch with you via email about this.

    1. Hey Paul, We're currently working on these integrations. For example, the option to add a CRM Contact as a Contact as well in Projects, instead of as a client user will be supported soon. We'll keep you updated about the status of these integrations.

    1. Hey Tomáš, Migration is very simple! There should be a pop-up prompt as well as a 'Try 7.0' button on the top bar in your portal. Just click on that to switch to the new version :)

  6. "Powerful collaboration features" Can we invite external users to collaborate with paying a license fee for each user? Projects has been unusable as a client collaboration tool whereas many other crm makers have portals to collaborate extensively with clients without the extra fees.

    1. Hey William, With Zoho Projects 7, we're introducing a new 'Contact' option to keep track of external user records. For more collaboration with users involved in the day-to-day activities, client users can be added beginning from just $1/ user/ month. Read more about this here - For any further information or assistance, please reach out to

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