Introducing WorkDrive 3.0: Enhanced collaboration. Improved accessibility: Part 1

A year ago, we released a range of new features to help teams focus on their goals, and drive a more productive workforce. We also promised that was just the beginning of what we had in store for you.

Today, the nature of work is evolving from a remote to hybrid environment. In the midst of this transition, data accessibility and content collaboration top the list of challenges organizations face. That's why we are unboxing some exciting WorkDrive capabilities to help you access, collaborate on, and optimize your data from wherever you are.

Let's take a look!

Start building with WorkDrive APIs

Now you can integrate WorkDrive with your business apps and streamline data flow across your company. Our API is published and ready. Whether you want to integrate with other Zoho applications or with third-party tools, the WorkDrive API platform is your go-to building tool.

Optimize your Team Folders

Team Folders is a virtual workspace where you can create, share, and collaborate on files. Help your teams access and work on documents more effectively with these enhancements:

1. Pin a Team Folder

The number of Team Folders created in any organization can be substantial, making it a challenge to find required data when needed. Imagine you're on a call with your client but just cant seem to find the Team Folder with the relevant project details. With the Pin feature, you can locate important Team Folders faster by pinning them to the top of your Team Folder's list.

2. Experience a better interface

WorkDrive now offers a detailed view of Team Folders to help you find the right data at the right time. Easily find your Team Folders, as well as Team Folders you've pinned and Team Folders you can join.

As part of this update, we have added the ability to determine which Team Folders should be displayed on the left panel. You can choose to display all Team Folders, only pinned Team Folders, or none.

3. Duplicate your Team Folder

A Team Folder is a shared space created for a particular team or purpose. Imagine an educational institution that has to share the same set of study materials with different classes or students. With our new enhancement, you can copy the entire Team Folder to share and collaborate with a different set of members.

Enhance content visibility

The days of scrolling up and down to locate the right document are over. You can now see more items in a folder using WorkDrive's compact view mode.

Work more on the go

Mobile devices have become an extension of our office devices. Here are some of our latest WorkDrive mobile app enhancements:

1. Access folders offline

The process of manually enabling each file for offline access is time consuming. Now, you can make an entire folder available offline to access all your work files on the go— even without an internet connection.

2. Get your creativity flowing

Whether you're working on a design plan or crafting a character, create and upload to WorkDrive right away with Scribble. Use Scribble's pencil, sketch, eraser, or color palette to bring your ideas to life.

3. Save time using widgets

Tired of logging into a mobile app every time you need to find a file or upload a document? Now, you can use our intuitive widgets to upload photos and search WorkDrive documents right from your home screen.

WorkDrive Genie (beta) for Mac

We have received many requests for this particular update since we launched our Genie app. And finally, we are happy to introduce the WorkDrive Genie (beta) for Mac!

Now, both Windows and Mac users can edit any file stored in WorkDrive with the compatible native application from their desktop.

Standardize your document format

Whether it's legal documentation, client logs, or employee records, Templates helps you create files with consistent document settings (such as style, design, and formatting). With this release, Templates has two enhancements:

1. Categorize your templates

Enterprises need a variety of templates for various purposes, making it difficult to find and manage them in one place. Introducing Categories! By creating categories, you can group the templates within your gallery any way you like.

2. Search for a template

Finding a template is no longer a tedious process. You can now locate your desired template using the built-in search bar. If you know the name, author, or a keyword in the content, you can search directly from this bar.

As part of this enhancement, you can now use global search to find a template from your gallery without having to search through Templates manually.

Preview enhancements

The new enhancement enables you to preview PDFs and images in a variety of sizes (in percentage), zoom in or out on images, reset zoom to fit the window's size, and quickly jump to any page.

The updates don’t stop here! We have a lot more in store for you. Keep watching this space for part two of this announcement.

Introducing WorkDrive 3.0: Enhanced collaboration. Improved accessibility: Part 2

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6 Replies to Introducing WorkDrive 3.0: Enhanced collaboration. Improved accessibility: Part 1

  1. Zoho Team, Sync between the computer/laptop has been enhanced? The last time when tried with Zoho sync, it is duplicating the WD to the computer/laptop which is occupying more space, and does not add any value to WD. Am i missing something?

    1. Hello Shan, Thanks for reaching out to us. We think you would have used desktop sync, let us help you with an alternative. Please download and install WorkDrive TrueSync and easily create a virtual drive of your WorkDrive account on your desktop without using up your device's hard drive space. Learn more: Let me know if this works. For more feedback and queries, please write to us at

    1. Hello Nikhil, Yes, the functionality is available in WorkDrive. Please read the below comment to know more. Happy to be of your assistance if you need anything further.

  2. Hi, We are expecting the search to be enhanced, we need search inside the current folder not in all the workdrive. this is the main feature you should added this time. Thanks

    1. Hello Emad Zakaria, Thanks for reaching out to us. We do support search within a particular folder. Just select the required folder and click "More actions”. Click the search option and find your file instantly. We also support content search within a specific Team Folder. You can use the filters to find any file or folder within that particular Team Folder as well. Additionally, you can always use our Smart Search to find the required documents using file or folder names, keywords associated with them, text within the images or scanned files, or the name of the objects present in the image. Let me know if this works. For more feedback and queries, please write to us at

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