Introducing WorkDrive 3.0: Enhanced collaboration. Improved accessibility: Part 2

In our previous blog post, we covered the WorkDrive API and other feature enhancements to access, collaborate on, and optimize your data. Now, we’re back to introducing more updates to help you manage your information better.

Enforce data integrity

Data Templates help you classify and organize files easily at a team level. Now, with our latest update, you can enable your users to associate a Data Template automatically and add custom properties to every file or folder they add. This way, your users can search for and instantly locate the required file.

Know more about mandating Data Templates

Manage your collected files

WorkDrive's Collect Files helps you receive documents from both internal and external users. We have added more functionality to manage your collection process.

1. Categorize files by user

Storing all the collected files in a single place makes it challenging to access the right data at the right time. Now you can create a separate folder for every unique user based on their name, phone number, or email address.

2. Create a collection report

It is important to receive files securely, but it is crucial to know the details of the submission. Some collections maybe time-sensitive or user-specific. Get a detailed log of who submitted what and when by creating a collection report.

Say hello to PDF and image annotations

Annotations are a note or comment added to a text or diagram to provide supplemental information.

Introducing annotations for PDFs and images.

1. PDF annotation

PDFs are widely used in an organization. Sometimes you may want to work with your client or team member on a portfolio. With WorkDrive, you can use the PDF annotation and collaborate with them. Users can go to any particular page and add comments specific to any text or area on that page.

2. Image annotation

Imagine you are working on a creative with your designer. You may want to give suggestions when they send the design. With the image annotation, you can add comments on any specific part of the image and work with your designer.

Improve your video experience

Videos are used in many organizations to help boost reach, engagement, and sales. We know its importance, and we bring you three advanced features:

1. Video annotation

Introducing annotation for videos!

Imagine a marketing team working on a video. They have to send it to the product team for review, who would then note the frames that need to be changed and communicated this to the marketing team.

Now, with video annotations, they can go to any frame in the video and add comments with a corresponding timestamp. This way, the product team can directly share their expectations and the marketing team can work on them eventually.

2. Video cover image

Add more visibility and value to your video by using the video cover image option from WorkDrive. Now, you have the option to change the default system-generated cover image.

WorkDrive gives you the option to modify the default image to a custom cover image to show what's exactly in your video. The updated image will appear in all the video previews (including external users' view), embedded views, and as a thumbnail in the file listing.

3. Video chapters

A long video can be boring. That's why we have introduced video chapters to help you navigate effortlessly among the required sections. Video chapters help you break up a video into multiple sections, so you can see what's covered in the video, and quickly jump to the topic you're interested in.

Share files with added security

External sharing helps companies to share their sensitive files with their clients, stakeholders, and partners. We have added two enhancements to make external links more secure.

1. Enforce passwords

Organizations share sensitive files with their partners, stakeholders, and clients. It is important to securely share the content, especially if it goes out of the company. You can mandate all users to set passwords when creating external share links and also set a strong password policy if required, making the links more secure.

2. Set a default expiration period

Sometimes, companies have to share time-sensitive documents like offer letters, agreements, or legal notices. With our recent enhancement, you can set a default expiration period for all external share links and download links to restrict unwanted access. If set, the default expiration period will be applied automatically, but users can choose to manually change or disable the expiration date if required.

Decide your notification mode

Notifications help you know what's happening to your corporate files and stay up-to-date with your team on any task or project. WorkDrive allows you to choose the list of notifications you need and the type of medium you wish to receive the notifications (web, mobile, or email).

Move your business data to WorkDrive!

You need not worry about transferring your company's data while opting for WorkDrive—we make it easy for you. With WorkDrive, you can seamlessly move your corporate files from your desktop or other cloud services (e.g., G Suite, Dropbox, and OneDrive). Learn how you can migrate to WorkDrive here!

Every business runs on data, no matter the industry. Our goal is to offer users an efficient data management tool to store, share, and work together on documents. That's why we roll out enhancements every year and are constantly working on improving your file management experience. You can expect more such exciting updates from us in 2023.

See you soon!

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6 Replies to Introducing WorkDrive 3.0: Enhanced collaboration. Improved accessibility: Part 2

  1. 2022-06-15 Hello Durai, Thanks for the update you just posted.? Looking forward trying the video features! Question, regarding = = You need not worry about transferring your company’s data while opting for WorkDrive = = How would the opposite, "retrieving your company’s data from WorkDrive", be accomplished? Backup from Zoho WorkDrive. Thanks and keep up the good work!

      1. Hi Thomas, Thanks for reaching out to us. We are working on a backup solution and will update you when it is ready. Please read the above comment for better clarity.

    1. Hello Mark, Thanks for your comment and we’re excited for you to try out our video features. To answer your question, we are working on a backup tool to help users directly download all their files from the web to their system. We’ll definitely let you know when it’s ready. Please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for news and product updates on WorkDrive. For feedback and queries, please write to us at

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