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  1. Is there a charge to have a large number of domains using the service inside one account? Is there pre-built integrations for systems such as WordPress?

  2. I've read the above explainations, but I'm still not clear as to the difference between Zepto and Zoho mail services. What are the advantages over each other? Who is the Zeptomail target user, verses the Zohomail target user?

    1. Hi Robert. ZeptoMail is a transactional email service. Transactional emails are automated emails that are triggered when a user performs an action on a site or application. For example, if you place an online order, you will receive an automated "Order Placed" email, if you try to reset your password to any account you will receive a "password reset" email. These automated emails are sent using ZeptoMail. Target users: If you own a business that has a site or uses an application and you wish to trigger automated emails when your users perform certain actions on your app, then you can use ZeptoMail. Zoho Mail on the other hand is used to send one-to-one or group emails. Emails that you type out in your composer and send to your colleagues or clients or sometimes family and friends. These are not automated. Target users: If you own an organization and need a custom domain email address ( for all your employees then you can use Zoho Mail. Your employees can then use their email addresses for email communications. These are two completely different services with different purposes. I hope this helps.

  3. Hello, I had tested a few months ago but it was not possible to answer a form that we receive by email for example. has this evolved? thank you.

    1. Hi Thierry. We would need more details to understand the process you wish to use ZeptoMail for. Please write to support(at)zeptomail(dot)com with details so we can help you out. Our team will get back to you at the earliest.

    1. Hi Jo. ZeptoMail is a transactional email service that can be used to send out automated emails like welcome email, OTP emails, password reset emails from your site/app. Zoho Mail is a business email service. Since they have different purposes, it is available as separate services for our users to choose from. Both Zoho Mail SMTP and ZeptoMail SMTP follow industry-standard security practices to protect our user's emails.

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