Harmonizing Swiss payment transactions with the QR-bill

This is a guest post by KMU Digitalisierung GmbH.

For a long time, Swiss accounting was completely determined by the payment slip. Regardless of whether you wanted to make a simple transfer or write a recurring invoice to a regular customer, you always needed a payment slip. Unfortunately, the payment slip system is not optimized for a digital world and creates unnecessary problems in the interaction between digital and paper invoices.

The new QR-bill, which is gradually replacing the payment slip, is considered an important step towards the digitization of the Swiss financial system and will become mandatory from the end of Q3 2022. This bill not only contributes to the future viability of payment traffic in Switzerland but also enables bill recipients and bill issuers to have a harmonized payment process.

How does the QR-bill work?

The heart of the new QR-bill is, as the name suggests, the QR code. This can be scanned with any QR reader (which includes all modern smartphones) and contains all the information relevant to the payment. This information is also printed in the QR payment section of the invoice and can thus be read without technical devices.

By scanning the QR code, the customer or invoice recipient can pay quickly and easily. To do this, one simply opens one's own e-banking application, scans the code, and then initiates a payment. This means that the payment process is much more convenient and uncomplicated for users. Alternatively, one can still take the QR-bill to a counter at a nearby post office to pay it.

Benefits of the new QR-bill
  • Invoicing is possible in Swiss francs as well as in euros.
  • There is only one QR code for all payment types, references, and automated payment references from the ordering party to the recipient. This means significantly less effort when creating invoices.
  • The digitization of data enables more efficient payment processing and payment monitoring.
Optimize your payment process

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