Meet the improved WorkDrive: Reinvent work. Revolutionize productivity: Part 1

Better team management leads to better collaboration, in turn leading to better business results. While many companies are leaning more towards a hybrid work model, the need to manage team, data, and their device has taken the spotlight. Owing to this change, we are introducing several interesting features to help teams focus on their goals and drive a productive workforce.

Work without space limits:

Forget the hassle of keeping tabs on your hard disk space. With the WorkDrive TrueSync app, you can give your desktop the cloud advantage while keeping your device storage intact. For example, let's say you have 250GB of hard disk space and about 2TB of files stored on WorkDrive. With the TrueSync app, you can view all your WorkDrive files on your desktop without losing hard disk space. Download the TrueSync app here. 

Build a clutter-free workspace:

Managing organization files with multiple teams can lead to digital clutter. To prevent this, WorkDrive is introducing three interesting features to help teams create and maintain an organized document repository.

  1. Unleash the power of data within documents:WorkDrive's Data Templates help you create and manage an organized team storage for your business. Build custom templates and associate purpose-based classification to documents using metadata. This makes storing, searching, and managing team files a more efficient process.

  2. Organize files the way you like: While Data Templates add structure to your organization's storage, Labels help individuals organize files according to their personal preferences. This way, your team can quickly locate documents and get to work without any trouble.

  3. Create a unified brand: Whether it's related to project documentation, sales presentation, or social media messaging, every company's goal is to maintain a unified brand experience. With WorkDrive, you can create team and organization-wide templates for your employees to repurpose any time. Learn more about templates. 

Zoho WorkDrive: now sized perfectly for Projects

As our first step towards building a unified file system for Zoho users, we bring you the Zoho Projects and WorkDrive integration. Manage all your projects and their documentation from a single platform. Store and organize project files within Team Folders, collaborate in real time, manage document versions and much more, all from within Zoho Projects.

Note: This integration is available for all new sign-ups. We’re currently working on the migration for existing portals.

Facilitate uninterrupted collaboration

  1. Invite client users: Collaboration often extends beyond your organization. Sometimes, you might need to work with a client for a project or hire a freelancer for a short period. In these cases, you no longer have to send documents back and forth or create external share links to collaborate. Instead, invite your external collaborators temporarily to your WorkDrive account and work with them on documents in real time. This way, you have better control over your file and can easily track your work. Learn more about client users.  
  2. Monitor document changes closely: Have you ever wished you could follow actions in a particular folder or a document closely? We heard you. Enable notifications to see when changes are made to a specific file or a folder stored within WorkDrive. You can either choose to see the bell notification within the product, receive an update through email, or enable both. Learn more about follow updates.

The updates don't just stop here! We have a lot more in store for you. Keep watching this space for part two.

Meet the improved WorkDrive: Reinvent work. Revolutionize productivity: Part 2

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6 Replies to Meet the improved WorkDrive: Reinvent work. Revolutionize productivity: Part 1

  1. I just love the feature releases, they are so relevant and applicable to any industry, but mostly solve a problem and bridge a gap on the apps current capabilities. I would love to see content schedule for marketing being approved and stored here. Zoho for the win!

    1. Hello Tamylin, Thank you for the kind words. We're glad you love all the WorkDrive updates :) Could you please explain more about your content scheduling feature request. It will help us answer your query better. You can also drop an email at

  2. Curious for that TrueSync apprach. Is it liek dropbox. Yo ubasically everything is on your hd and being synced to web folder?

  3. Awesome!!! Love the templates, and Client Users. I am constantly reassured by your updates that we made a good decision coming over to Zoho.

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