Manage your digital assets efficiently

Classify and organize your data to drive actionable business insights with WorkDrive's Data Templates.

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Make your data business-ready

Teams create unstructured data everyday, from documents and audio files to images and videos. WorkDrive helps you organize this data and unlock the true potential of your organization's knowledge.

Add structure to your storage

Set up Data Templates and add custom fields based on how you want to classify files stored in WorkDrive. This way, you can add meaningful metadata to your legal contracts like client information, contract value, renewal date, and more.

Unleash the power of data associated with documents

With WorkDrive, you can associate purpose-based classification to documents using metadata. This makes storing, searching, and managing your data seamless.

Simplify access to information

Search for files based on your Data Templates and filter them based on the custom fields. You can quickly track files linked with a particular project, for example, look for insurance papers that expire in a week.

Build a structured data repository with Zoho WorkDrive

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