Digital Signature

A digital signature is a validation to the authenticity of the documents sent by you to your customers. It is to let the receiver know that the document has been completely crafted by you and there were no changes during the transit. This feature is supported only on the Zoho Books’ Windows app.

Note: This feature is available only for certain plans in the India edition of Zoho Books. Visit the pricing page, to check if it’s available in your current plan.

Digital Signature in Zoho Books

Let’s see how digital signature helps in maintaining the authenticity of the data in Zoho Books.

Enabling Digital Signature

To enable Digital Signature in your organisation:

Enable Digital Signature Digital Signature Preference

You’ve now enabled digital signature for your organisation.

Digital Signature works differently for transactions with and without Transaction Approval. Let’s see how it works in both the cases.

Without Approval

Once you finish creating an invoice, you need to sign it to send it to your customer.

With Approval

Once an invoice is created, you will need to get it approved to sign it. You can click the Submit for Approval button on the What’s Next banner to submit the invoice then and there.

Once it is approved, you can then sign and send the invoice to the customer.


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