Connected Banking with Yes Bank

Zoho Books has partnered with Yes Bank to help you pay your vendors quickly. Once you integrate, you will be able to:

Note: This integration is available only for users in the India edition of Zoho Books created under the domain.

Let’s see how the Zoho Books and Yes Bank integration works:

Let’s consider a scenario to understand how integrating with Yes Bank will help you.

Scenario: Ramesh purchases multiple items from multiple vendors, bundles the products together as a kit and sells them. He pays his vendors online using internet banking and finds it time consuming. So, he integrates his Zoho Books organisation with Yes Bank. It enables him to make instant payments to his vendors directly from Zoho Books.


Integrate Zoho Books with Yes Bank

Once you have everything that’s mentioned in the prerequisites, you can start setting up the integration between Zoho Books and Yes Bank. Here’s how:

Yes Bank Set Up

Insight: API banking allows you to make payments directly from Zoho Books without logging in to the Yes Bank portal.

To continue setting up this integration, select one of the following options based on your current account’s API banking status:

My Current Account Is Registered for API Banking

Note: Remember this PIN as you will need it to authorise payments from Zoho Books.

Note: Ensure that you enter the exact live balance of your bank account to set up the integration. Let’s say your live balance amount is Rs.10000.505 and you enter Rs.10000.50 in the Live Balance field. Then, the integration will fail as the live balance you entered is note accurate.

Registered for API Banking

Zoho Books will now be connected to your Yes Bank current account, and the account status will be shown on the screen.

My Current Account Is Not Registered for API Banking

Not Registered for API Banking

After submitting your account details, a representative from Yes Bank will contact you to register your account for API Banking.

After you register your current account for API Banking, follow the steps mentioned in the *My Current Account Is Registered for API Banking*section to integrate Yes Bank with Zoho Books.

Note: Once your integration is active, the account details used in for this organization cannot be used in another organization.

Add the Vendor Bank Account

Before you can start making payments, you must add your vendor bank account details in Zoho Books.

To add a vendor bank account:

Add bank account Enter vendor bank account details

Now, you will find an option to pay via Yes Bank for the bills that you create for this vendor.

Pay via Yes Bank

You can pay your bills faster via Yes Bank using different transaction types. To pay bills via Yes Bank:

Pay via Yes Bank
Transaction Type Description
IMPS This option is best suited if the amounts are lesser than ₹2,00,000 and you want to send it instantly.
NEFT Use this option when you want to transfer large sums of money as it does not have any upper limit.
RTGS Use this option if you want to transfer more than ₹2,00,000.
Fund Transfer Use this option if you’re making payment to a vendor who has an account in Yes Bank.
Payment Details - Yes Bank Payment Details - Yes Bank

The payment will be initiated and you will be notified as soon as the payment is deposited in the vendor’s bank account.

Pay Bills in Bulk

You can pay multiple bills from a vendor at a time. To pay bills in bulk:

Pay bills in bulk - Yes Bank Enter Yes Bank Secret PIN

Make Advance Payments

You can make advance payments to your vendors if you’ve added their bank account details. To make advance payments:

Make advance payments via Yes Bank Enter secret PIN for advance payments

Payment Statuses

Based on the stage each payment is in, the payment will have the following statuses.

Status Name Description
Uncleared The payment is being processed and is yet to be deposited in the vendor’s bank account. It may be due to the NEFT/RTGS payments being initiated on a bank holiday or beyond the bank’s processing time period, in which case, the payment will get cleared on the next working day.
Cleared The payment has been deposited in the vendor’s bank account.

Fetch Direct Feeds

You can fetch direct feeds from your Yes Bank current account into Zoho Books. Fetching the direct feeds allows you to reconcile them with the transactions in Zoho Books. After you’ve set up the integration, you can configure your current bank account to fetch the direct feeds.

To configure your bank account for fetching direct feeds:

Add account for Yes Bank statement Add Yes Bank account

Alternatively, you can add your bank account by navigating to Banking > Add Bank or Credit Card > Yes Bank under Partner Banks.

Once you have set up direct feeds, Zoho Books will fetch your bank feeds directly from your Yes Bank account. You will be able to reconcile the feeds with the transactions in Zoho Books. To reconcile transactions:

Match Yes Bank feeds with transactions

Now, the transactions will be matched with the bank feeds.

Disable Yes Bank Integration

You can disable the integration if you do not want to make payments via Yes Bank or want to change the account details.

Warning: Disabling the integration in Zoho Books will disable it from other integrated Zoho Finance applications as well. Once disabled, you will not be able to track the status of any uncleared transactions. The direct feed integration will also be deactivated.

To disable the integration:

Disable Yes Bank integration Confirm disabling Yes Bank integration

Note: If you have any queries regarding the Yes Bank integration, write to us at

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