Cheque (Check) Payments for Vendor Bills and Advances

If you have a business that pays your vendors through cheques, then this feature simplifies your payment process efficiently. You can pay your vendors by writing and printing out a cheque directly from Zoho Books. Whenever you make a payment via cheque, your bill payment details will instantly be auto-fetched and printed on your cheque leaf.

Notes: This is different from the Cheque option available under the mode of payment while creating transactions. The Pay via Cheque option is exclusive to cheques that you write and print in Zoho Books.

Notes: This feature is available in the US, Canada, and India Edition of Zoho Books. Users on the Global Edition must have their country as USA, Canada, or India and currency as USD, CAD, or INR, respectively.

pay via cheque

Write and Print a Cheque

Get your bill payment details printed on your cheque leaf in no time. To do this:

pay via cheque pay via cheque pay via cheque

Warning: You can use your cheque number only once. You cannot reuse the cheque numbers that are allotted to void cheques.

Pay a Vendor’s Bills Using a Single Cheque

If you’ve incurred multiple expenses from the same vendor, you can pay all the bills through a single cheque instead of making payments individually through multiple cheques. To pay a vendor’s bills in a single cheque:

pay via cheque
Fields Description
Payment Made Enter the amount that you plan to pay via cheque to the vendor.
Payment Date Select the date on which you make the payment
Bank account Select the bank or checking account from which you are paying the vendor.
pay via cheque

Let’s say your business had an extensive purchase of over 50 items a day and you must pay the bills using cheques for all those items on the same day. Now, if you have to print cheques for all these bills and do it one at a time, you will not be able to pay them on time.

With bulk printing, you can print multiple checks for various vendors and banks in one go! Zoho Books can print a maximum of 100 cheques at a time. Checks once printed, either as a single check or as bulk, will not appear in the list of Bulk Printing checks again. However, you can reprint these checks individually.

To print cheques in bulk:

pay via cheque pay via cheque pay via cheque

Zoho Books will change the status of the selected cheques’ from To be Printed to Uncleared. The unselected cheques will be in To Be Printed status.

Clear a Cheque

You can update the status of your cheque payment to Cleared when you match the payment with the respective bank feed. To do this:

pay via cheque

Insight: If you have not integrated with a bank account in Zoho Books, you can manually add a bank account and reconcile it to clear the checks.

Void a Cheque

When a cheque bounces or gets damaged, you can cancel it by voiding the cheque.

Prerequisite: You can mark only the Uncleared cheques as void.

To void a cheque:

pay via cheque

The cheque payment will be unassociated from the bill and the bill will be marked as Unpaid.

pay via cheque

Insight: To view the void cheques, navigate to Purchases > Payments Made. Click the filter dropdown on the top-left side of the page and apply the Void Cheques filter.

View and Filter Cheques

You can view the cheques you’ve written by navigating to Purchases > Payments Made. Click the filter drop down on the top-left side of the page and apply a filter to view the cheques based on their status.

pay via cheque

The following are the statuses of your cheque payments:

Status Description
To Be Printed Cheques A cheque that you’ve saved but haven’t printed.
Uncleared Cheques Cheques you’ve printed but are yet to be matched with the respective bank feed will be under this status.
Cleared Cheques Cheque payments you’ve matched with their respective bank feeds will be under this status.
Void Cheques Cancelled or bounced cheques that you’ve marked as Void.

Customise Cheque

You can adjust the alignment of your cheque template according to the printer you use for proper text alignment. To do this:

pay via cheque pay via cheque pay via cheque

Pro Tip: You can customize a cheque by navigating to Settings > Customisation > PDF Templates > Cheques.

Export Cheque as PDF

You can export your cheque payments as PDF files. To do this:

pay via cheque

Warning: Cheques cannot be exported as PDF in bulk.

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